Some interesting facts related to tears…

Some secret hidden in tears

Whether you are watching an emotional scene in the TV, or the photos of your childhood, or something like that suddenly goes something in your eyes and tears suddenly through your eyes. This is a very simple reaction. Why do tears come, how come and how many come, have you ever thought of this seriously? Let us tell you some interesting things related to tears that you will become aware of.

Women cry more than men

Whenever it comes to crying, people often say this, “Why are you crying like girls” or “Women always keep crying?” Although we do not support this, a research has revealed that these things are not completely baseless. According to German research published in The Telegraph, women cry more than men. Glands related to women’s tears are more active than men and their texture is different.

How often do tears fall

One interesting fact that supports the past fact is that tears in women’s eyes come in about 5.3 times a month. Whereas tears from men’s eyes fall 1.4 times in the same period.

How much time do cry

While for men the duration of the tear flows usually ranges from two to four minutes.

When cutting onions tears fall

You have often seen that onion bites come tears. Do you know what is the reason behind this? When cutting onions, the oxide emitted from this affects the lacrimal gland, which causes tears from this gland. This is the reason when cutting the onion tears come out with irritation in the eyes.

While crying nose shedding

The tear-making lacrimal-gland is located in the upper part of the eyes, In the case of a lot of tear, they come out of the eyes, but they also go into the breathing tube, which causes the nose to flow.

Cut onions and not even tear comes

You know why they are tears on cutting the onion but if you want to avoid this situation then what can you do? This is very easy. Chewing-gum chewing then cut onions, does not cause tears in the eye.

Tears in children

When very young children cry, their tears do not flow. By the age of about six months children’s eyes do not get tears even after crying.