Some big myths about flu…

Myths associated with flu

In every season of flu, a large number of people suffer from the virus that can cause this serious condition. Therefore it is necessary to avoid this problem. But still due to many reasons there are many myths about the flu among people. Therefore, making the right information about this virus can be the best option. So let’s know what kind of myths are prevailing among the people, so that they can survive.

You may have flu from flu shot (Vaccine)

These are not true. According to experts, the flu vaccine is actually made from dead viral particles, and as long as the virus is not alive, it can not infect you. So from flu shot the point of flu happen is absolutely wrong.

Youth and healthy people do not have flu hazard

Young and healthy people do not have to worry about flu, this is a completely misconception. Although this is true influenza is the most risky for the only elderly with young underlying diseases. but it can also cause serious symptoms in healthy people.

The flu include gastrointestinal symptoms

Gastrointestinal symptoms are not found in the flu, it is just a myth, That there is a gastrointestinal problem happen in the flu, However there may be gastrointestinal problems in the flu. But it can not be seen as a symptom of flu.

Pregnant women should not give flu shot

This is also totally wrong, Rather pregnant women should be given a flu shot as soon as possible. Flu shots are completely safe for pregnant women. And also protects both mother and infant.

Flu can be stopped by hand washing

The fact that the flu can be stopped by hand washing is a myth. Hand wash is good for health, but it can not stop the influenza virus. Influenza virus is a contagious disease, which spreads in the air through the drops of saliva of the infected person.

If the flu is, it means that the shot didn’t work

It is not that flu vaccine is not like the vaccine protected by measles or polio, which protects one hundred percent. The flu shot is effective only at 60 to 90 percent at a time. Even after applying it, there is a possibility of infection.

Antibiotics can fight with flu

Antibiotics do not work on this virus. While there are some antiviral medicines (Rx) to fight the flu. Therefore, do not make the mistake of giving antibiotics on your self whenever there is a flu.