A Side Effects Of Applying Lipstick

Applying lipstick has some side effects
When you eat and drink while wearing lipstick, these enter your body and can make you sick. Lead and cadmium are also present in high amounts in lipsticks.

Who does not like to look beautiful. Perhaps for this reason, there are many types of beauty products available in the market to look attractive. These beauty products also include lipstick, the first choice of women. By the way, while using these lipsticks, does the question come to mind that instead of a layer of color, a layer of chemicals is being applied on the lips. Yes, chemicals are used in many lipsticks, which can cause many types of damage to the body. We are talking about the side effects of lipstick not to scare but to alert. What happens by applying lipstick, how lipstick can be toxic and harmful to the body, we are giving this information in detail in this article.

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Know, in what ways the side effects of lipstick can happen to the body.

Side Effects Of Applying Lipstick

While using lipstick, women need to be aware of its side effects so that they can be health conscious. For this reason, we are telling below in detail about the damage caused by lipstick and the chemicals present in it.

  1. Chemical-rich

Many types of chemicals are also used in the manufacture of lipstick, which can have toxic effects on the body. Lead is also used in many lipsticks. Especially, to make lipstick color. According to a study on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), manganese, lead and cadmium are used to make color in lipstick. Due to the chemicals present in it, there can be problems like darkening of the lips and their frequent drying. We are telling further in the article about other side effects of chemicals present in lipstick.

  1. Allergies

It is believed that using lipstick can also cause allergies. According to a research, when the artificial dye used in it reaches inside the body through the mouth, it can cause allergies and dermatitis (dermatitis, itching, swelling and red rashes on the skin). The cause of allergy is nothing but the chemical present in the lipstick. For this reason it is said that lipstick made of herbal ingredients should be used.

  1. Eye irritation

Beauty cosmetics are also responsible for eye irritation. By the way, burning in the eyes is caused by applying kajal or mascara, but many women use lipstick as an eye shadow. In such a situation, chemical-rich lipstick can cause irritation in the eyes.

  1. Stomach problem

Using lipstick also increases the risk of stomach problems. According to a research, many chemicals are used in the beauty products applied on the lips. These chemicals also include lead. Due to the lipstick applied on the lips, lead can reach the stomach through the mouth, due to which there can be stomach pain, kidney and liver related problems. It has been clearly stated in the research that although a small amount of lead is found in lipstick. Despite this, repeatedly applying lipstick containing metal on the lips can cause problems by reaching the stomach.

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  1. Brain problem

By applying lipstick, you may also have to face problems related to the brain. Research has said that the lead used in making lipstick can cause neural damage. Due to reaching the body through the mouth, the chemicals present in the lipstick can cause more side effects. Due to the lead present in it, memory can be reduced. High levels of lead in the brain can interfere with nerve transmission and disrupt calcium supply in the body. Also the cadmium present in it is not safe, it can damage the brain.

  1. Harmful for pregnancy

Due to the lead used to make lipstick, it can also be dangerous for pregnancy. It can harm a pregnant woman and her fetus. Because of this, there can be problems up to abortion. Actually, lipstick can reach the stomach through the lips, which can increase the level of lead in the blood. In pregnant women, lead can easily cross the placenta, which can increase the risk of congenital lead toxicity in the baby.

  1. Infertility

It is believed that due to various chemicals present in lipstick, the problem of infertility can also arise. Women apply lipstick on their lips many times a day, due to which the chemicals present in the lipstick reach the stomach through the mouth. These chemicals can go into the stomach and cause problems like infertility. This thing has also been mentioned in a research done regarding lipstick. In particular, the amount of lead found in lipstick has been attributed to this.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Chemicals present in cosmetics are also believed to be responsible for hormonal imbalance. The chemicals used while producing cosmetics affect the hormones of the body, which can cause them to become unbalanced.

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After the loss of lipstick, know the ways to avoid its loss.

Lipstick Prevention from Side Effects

You have already known about the loss of lipstick. Some measures can be taken to avoid the side effects of lipstick mentioned above, which we are going to elaborate further.

  • First of all choose herbal lipstick.
  • Always read about the ingredients used when buying a lipstick.
  • Before applying lipstick, apply a base on the lips.
  • Concealer can be used to make a base. It forms a layer between the lips and the lipstick. By doing this, the side effects of lipstick can be avoided.

We have explained in detail what happens by applying lipstick. Now, while buying lipstick, choose herbal lipstick or chemical-free product keeping in mind the damage caused by it. It is not wrong to use products to look beautiful and attractive, but carelessly buying substances and ignoring health can be harmful. Our purpose in telling the side effects of lipstick mentioned in the article is to alert the reader. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

Stay alert, stay healthy!