Benefits of Shea Butter…


Do you know the effective benefits of shea butter?

You will be unaware of these surprising benefits of shea butter

Let us tell you wonderful benefits of shea butter after that you will know why you should use shea butter

The butter extracted from Shea tree seeds is called Shea Butter. It is considered beneficial for skin, hair and health. Currently this butter is being used in cosmetics such as lotions, shampoos and conditioners etc., due to which it is also called body butter. Because of the advantages of Shea Butter, it is widely preferred all over the world. If you are looking for a great natural beauty product for your skin or hair, then Shea Butter will be an effective option for you.

Let us first tell you what a Shea Butter is

Shea is basically an African tree, whose seeds contain fat-rich oil. Shea butter is made from this oil. To remove the butter, the seeds are first broken, and then boiled and the fat is extracted. This discarded fat is called Shea Butter.

After knowing what Shea Butter is, let us tell you why Shea Butter is good for you.

Talking about the benefits of Shea Butter, it is used as an effective moisturizer, cream and lotion etc. for skin and hair. It has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help reduce skin damage from many skin related diseases and free radicals. It also protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Apart from this, there are advantages of Shea Butter which we are going to tell you in the next part of the article.

Incredible Benefits of Shea Butter

There are many ways you can benefit from using Shea Butter. You may be aware that body butter is used for skin and hair, but you may be surprised to know that it can prove to be very beneficial for your health as well. It can relieve problems associated with your body like muscle pain and cholesterol etc.

In this part of the article we will learn about the use of Shea Butter for the skin.

10 Amazing Skin Benefits of Shea Butter, You must to know

Regularly using Shea Butter can benefit your skin in many ways.

1. Moisturizes dry skin –

According to a research, the nutrient present in Shea Butter provides plenty of moisture to your skin. The fatty acids present in it moisturize the skin and retain moisture. You can use body butter to cure rough ankles and rough skin roughness. In addition, you can use it as a moisturizer in winter too.

2. Treatment of skin inflammation –

Shea butters contain many compound elements of cinnamic acid, which are known for their anti inflammatory properties. These properties work to improve the skin by reducing irritation and inflammation. Problems such as inflammation of dermatitis can be cured with the use of Shea Butter on the affected area. The use of Shea Butter on sunburn, rashes, burst skin, and scratches etc. provides relief.

3. Anti-aging and anti-free radical agent –

Shea butter contains amino acids and vitamin-C. Amino acid is an anti-aging agent, which prevents premature wrinkles on the skin. In addition, vitamin-C has an anti-oxidant property, which protects the skin from free radicals. Also, it increases the collagen in the skin, due to which it also acts like an anti-aging substance.

4. Treatment of acne and black spots –

Many moisturizers such as body butters have anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, these moisturizers can be used as anti-acne medicine to treat acne and black spots.

5. Lip care

Shea Butter is a good moisturizer as we have mentioned. Moisturizer has the ability to dissolve easily inside the skin, due to which it retains moisture in the skin. It provides extra moisture and nutrients to the lips. Thus, it works as an effective lip balm, which has been known to be quite effective for chapped and dry lips.

6. Stretch marks are less –

You can also use Shea Butter to remove stretch marks. Here, the vitamin C found in it works. According to a scientific research, removal of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) from stretch marks has proved helpful.

7. Relieving itching and puffy skin –

The moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of Shea Butters have proved to be quite effective for itchy skin. Itching often occurs due to dryness of the skin or a layer on the skin. In such a situation, the benefit of Shea Butter is that the moisturizing fatty acid present in it works to relax the skin.

8. Protection from UV rays –

The sun’s harmful UV rays can affect the skin badly. An important role can be seen here in the use of Shea Butter, as Shea Butter is rich in Vitamin-C. According to research, vitamin-C can provide protection to the skin by eliminating the negative effects of UV rays such as free radicals and oxidative stress.

9. Relief from psoriasis and eczema –

In Shea butter, three antioxidants are known to be stearic acid, linoleic acid and catechin. If you have an anti inflammatory problem like eczema or psoriasis, these properties present in Shea Butter can work to correct it.

10. Relief from wound healing and insect bites –

The use of Shea butter for wound healing can be beneficial. An element named triterpene is found in it. It increases the amount of collagen in the skin and helps in healing the wound quickly. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties provide relief from the irritation and inflammation caused by insect bites.

These are all impressive skin benefits of shea butter, By using shea butter you can make health good and avoid many diseases.