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Do you know the amazing benefits of sage?

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Let us tell you incredible benefits of sage after that you will know why you should consume sage..

Unless the spices are added to the food, the taste of the food does not come. Coriander leaves are also used like spices. Adding it increases the taste of vegetable or lentils manifold. Now you may be thinking that in this article we will talk about some spices or coriander leaves, but no. In this article of My Health Only, we will discuss the sage leaf. Like spices, it is also beneficial in enhancing the taste of food. It is also beneficial for health. In this article we will explain in detail about what are the leaves of sage and the benefits of sage oil.

We will also start this article with introduction of sage leaf.

What is Sage –

Sage leaf is also known as bay leaf. Its scientific name is Salvia officinalis and it belongs to the family of Mint. Most people use it as a spice, but it can also work as a potent medicine. Sage oil is also made, which can be beneficial for health. Also, it can also help you in getting rid of many diseases.

To know about the type of sage, keep reading this article.

Type of sage –

More than 700 types of sage are found worldwide, but here we are talking about some major types:

1. Garden Sage – It was first found in Europe. Its plant acts like a great herb. Sage leaves are velvety and have a green and silver color. White, blue and purple flowers bloom in it.

2. Canary Island Sage – first seen in the North West Coast of Africa. The flowers of the Canary Island Sage are purple in color.

3. Mexican Bush Sage – It is cultivated most in Southern California. Its leaves are long and green in color and its flowers are purple as well.

4. Autumn Sage – It is also cultivated most in Southern California. Its sprig and flowers are red in color.

5. Salvia brandegeei – This type of sage is found in Santa Rosa Island and California. Its flowers are sky blue.

6. Central American Sage – It was first seen in Colombia. Its flowers are red and purple in color.

7. South American Sage – This type of sage is found in Peru. It is light green to brown in color.

8. South African Sage – The flowers of this sage are light white, and are found in South Africa.

9. Cleveland Sage – The branch and flowers of the Cleveland Sage are blue. It is found in the coastal area of ​​San Diego County and northern Baja California.

10. Black Sage – Black Sage is found in the coastal region north of California. Its leaves are green and the ends are brown, while its flowers are white.

11. Hybrid Sage – The color of this type of sage leaf is black and dark green.

There can be many benefits from the use of sage, which we are talking about in this part of the article.

8 Impressive Benefits of Sage, You must to know

Many different medicinal properties are found in sage, which can be beneficial for your health. Let us know in detail about its properties.

1. For memory –

Sedge extract can serve as a good herbal medicine. It can work to remove disorders affecting the brain. It can also relieve depression, cerebral ischemia (a brain-related disease) and Alzheimer’s (a disease related to forgetting). The anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties present in the sage are beneficial in dealing with these problems, which act to eliminate free radicals. Many physical problems are encountered due to free radicals.

2. Relief of menopause symptoms –

In the case of menopause, menstruation stops. In this case, the symptom of menopause can be controlled by using sage. With its use, symptoms of menopause such as weakness and pain can be avoided. What medicinal properties does it have, which are beneficial for it, more research is needed at this time.

3. Cholesterol

Sage has antioxidant properties, which are beneficial in cholesterol. Also, its use leads to an improvement in the lipid profile as well as a decrease in LDL ie poor cholesterol levels. At the same time, HDL ie good cholesterol level is better. For this, you can take sage tea.

4. Antibiotic effect –

Sage oil is also endowed with many properties. It has antibiotic effect. Due to this property of sage, it can help to keep away various types of bacteria. In this context, we can say that sage oil is beneficial for health.

5. For Weight Loss

According to a research, weight can be reduced with the use of fiber. Fiber slows down digestion, which takes time to digest food and reduces appetite. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you can consume fiber. At the same time, there is a lot of fiber in the sage. Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of sage can also help in reducing weight.

6. Oral Health –

According to a research, using the sage can also keep the mouth and teeth healthy. Actually, sage contains bactericide, which help to keep bacteria away. Therefore, the benefits of sage include oral health.

7. Cancer –

Sage can be included in many ways in the diet. You can also protect yourself from this deadly disease like cancer. In particular, the anti-cancer properties found in its oil are helpful. Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of sage oil include prevention of cancer.

8. For Skin Health

According to a research, antioxidant properties can help keep skin healthy by eliminating free radicals. Right there, sage has antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and anti-biotic properties. Therefore, it can be believed that sage oil can benefit the skin.

Further in the article, the nutritional elements present in the sage are being told.

Sage Nutritional Value –

Several types of nutrients are found in sage. Let us know about these nutrients and their quantity through this table:

Keep reading this article for other information about the sage.

How to Use Sage –

After knowing about the nutritional elements of sage, we are now giving the necessary tips regarding its use.

How to eat:

  • Sage can be used as a spice in a vegetable.
  • It can also be drunk by making a soup of sage.
  • Sage tea can be made and drunk.
  • Sage leaves can be eaten mix in sandwiches and pasta.

When to eat:

  • You can drink sage tea in the morning.
  • You can drink sage soup with dinner.

How much to eat:

  • One cup of tea tea can be drunk every day.
  • Less than 12 drops of sage oil should be used while preparing food. If used more than this oil can cause toxin in the body.

These are all wonderful benefits of sage, By consuming sage you can make health good and avoid many diseases.