Rice flour is beneficial to cleansing the skin and acne…


The problem of pimple and dark circle will remove rice flour

  1. You depend on a variety of creams and lotions to get white color. Because of this, you overreach home remedies on most occasions. Many of you do not understand that home remedies not only benefit your skin, but also keep you away from many types of side effects.
  2. The products found in the market are filled with chemicals that show immediate effect but for a long time the skin is damaged.

Rice flour is a home-made ingredient, which, in every sense, can outbid the chemical product of the market and give deep nourishment to your skin. The use of rice powder is not new. It has been used for the treatment of many problems associated with the skin from a very old time. Earlier, when bleach, fairness cream or powder was not used, then rice flour was used to increase the natural fairness. This gives the skin a lot of benefits. For this, it is always advisable to use raw rice prepared powder, especially when used for skin. You can use it from scrubbing to face pack. Today, know what benefits the skin can get by using rice flour.

Oil sucks

If your skin is oily then Rice Powder is the best solution for you. Make a mixture of corn starch and rice powder. Whenever you leave the house, use it as a face powder. This will give you a fresh look by absorbing extra oil from your face.

Reduce the acne

These are also included in the benefits of rice flour. Combine rice powder, aloe vera gel and honey and prepare a face pack. Put it on the whole face and keep it for 20 minutes. Then wash with plain water. It also removes scars and stains from your face, removes other spots and their blackness.

Great scrub

Not only for the face, it works as a great exfoliator for your whole body. You can prepare homemade scrub by mixing rice flour, gram flour, honey, sugar and coconut oil. This will help remove dead cells from your skin and this will give you a look at your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Toughness in the skin

With this help you can tighten your skin. For this you take a white part of the egg and mix honey and little rice flour in it. Put it on your face in a uniform way. It is endearing to every kind of skin type. With its help, the slightest ridges and wrinkles of the face are also less.

Paint the face light

Rice flour is known as Natural Skin Lightning Agent. You can make a pack by mixing rice powder, milk powder and oatmeal. This faded skin bring back glow of face, You will find results of it within 15 days.

Dark circles make less

If you are getting information about the benefits of rice powder, then you can not ignore it. You can create a masks with its help. For this, take ripe banana, castor oil and rice flour. After mixing it well, place it around your eyes. This cooling mask will also affect your dark circles as well as remove your fatigue.

Use for glowing skin

For this, mix yogurt, apple and orange juice with rice powder. Not only will it remove dark spots, scars and exhaustion from the face, but naturally reaching the inside of the face will give skin a natural glow.