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Prostate massage therapy: Prostate orgasm and stimulation tips

Men, whose health depends not only on their welfare, but also on the family, are very jealous of their sexual responsibilities. Eventually, the problem in bed gradually turns into serious conflicts, and sometimes it is also the reason that previously loved people no longer want to be together. On the scale of the disease problem, it causes violations in the sexual sphere, akin to a strong gender dysfunction, and the diagnosis of “impotence” at a young age seems like a terrible sentence. But many men’s diseases can be easily prevented with the help of a simple procedure. Yes, and doctors themselves recommend prostate massage as an effective method of treating and preventing diseases affecting the reproductive system of men.

Prostate and its health

The reproductive system is a complex multivariate structure, whose coordinated function depends not only on the possibility of reproduction, but also on the health of the individual in many ways. The sexual system in males includes both the external (penis, scrotum, testicles), and internal genital organs. The latter are not visible to the naked eye, so they only occasionally forget about strong sex.

One of the internal organs of the male reproductive system is the prostate gland, which is called the prostate. This small body (no more than a table tennis ball, which is similar in size to a nut fruit) is located in the small pelvic cavity in front of the anus, slightly below the bladder.

In childhood, the prostate gland has smaller dimensions, but it increases with puberty and reaches 25 ml in adulthood.

The prostate consists of a glandular layer, smooth muscle and connective tissue and is surrounded by a variety of nerve fibers. It performs the three most important functions in a man’s life:

  • The development of a specific secret, which is necessary for the fluid of sperm produced in the testicles and for the continuation of the genus. Because of this secreted, antimicrobial component (zinc) involved, hormones (in particular DHT), proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as enzymes that provide the functionality of the reproductive system, are able to move sperm actively. And the optimal acid-base balance of sperm created by the secretion of the prostate allows the male seed to remain healthy and viable for a substantial period of time.
  • Ensuring the progress of sperm, mixed with a prostatic secretion in the urethral canal with ejaculation. Sensitive prostate tissue is actively reduced during sexual intercourse, which ensures movement of semen.
  • Partially covering the urethra, it protects the upper urinary tract from penetration of infections from the lower ones.

Technique Massage Prostate

Prostate massage is a procedure that requires some psychological effort from an individual, especially if it is a direct massage that provides transformational access. For the effective conduct of the process of many already presents a situation in an idiot.

The most appropriate and often practiced is the position of the knee-elbow, when the anterior part of the body is located slightly below the back. In this case, the opening of the anus and the introduction of the finger into the anus are facilitated, in addition, the pelvic floor muscles are as relaxed as possible.

In some cases, the pose is simplified by inviting the patient to bend easily so that the trunk remains horizontal during the procedure. For convenience, patients can use their hands to rest on a table or couch.

There are the following methods of prostate massage

  • Finger rectal massage (also a direct massage, often used by doctors to treat diseases of the male reproductive system).
  • Transformational equipment massage with the use of special spears and tools.
  • Hydro massage.
  • External (indirect) massage, which does not indicate the patient’s penetration and extended abdominal massage (suprapubic area around the navel), lumbosacral (impact pumping movements across the back of the waist to the coccyx), between the anus and scrotum. Area (included perineal massage).