Great Benefits of Pine Nuts..


Do you know the amazing benefits of pine nuts?

You will be unaware of these surprising benefits of pine nuts

Let us tell you wonderful benefits of pine nuts after that you will know why you should consume pine nuts..

There are so many benefits of eating pine nuts that you will be shocked to know

There are many benefits of eating pine nuts. It is also an important source of healthy fat as well as protein. There is very little carbohydrate content in it. Because chilgoza nuts are rich in fat, they are a good source of energy. Chilgoza also contains vitamin E and vitamin B, calcium and iron.

  • Pine nuts help in weight loss, Pine nuts are very effective in suppressing appetite. Pine nuts can reduce food intake by 37%.
  • It contains antioxidants. These antioxidants help reduce cancer and other types of diseases.
  • Pine nuts contain beta carotene and antioxidants which are very beneficial for eye health. This prevents the vision of the decreasing eye from decreasing with increasing age.
  • Pine nuts contain Vitamin E, it keeps the skin healthy.

Chilgoza is a pine nut known as neoza in India that grows on the Chilgoza Pine tree. These nuts are actually edible seeds of the Chilgoza Pine tree. However different types of pine nuts obtained from different types of pine breeds are available in the market. Pine nuts of different species have varying sizes, tastes, and nutritional content. Commonly found pine nuts are chilgoza nuts.

Due to its dry temperature in India, it is cultivated more in the regions of the northwestern Himalayas. Pine nuts are also produced in Himachal Pradesh.

Before eating a pine nut, its outer peel must be removed and eaten. Do not remove its outer peel if you want to keep it for several days.

Chilgoza pine nuts are small, tasty and nutrient-filled. They contain good and healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

Chilgoza nuts are a good source of various types of nutrients. It is also an important source of healthy fat as well as protein. They have very low carbohydrate content. Since chilgoza nuts are found in high amounts of fat, they are a good source of energy. It has low moisture content. Along with this, it also contains nutrients like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese and Copper.

10 Impressive Benefits of Pine Nuts, You must to know

1. For fat –

Nuts are a rich source of fat. Chilgoza pine nuts, like other nuts, are also a very rich source of fat. Research has reported that 90% of the total fat present in them is unsaturated fat (healthy fat). This unsaturated fat contains 51% linoleic fat and 37% oleic acid.

Chilgoza nut protects the heart and reduces the likelihood of coronary heart disease due to being linoleic fat. Due to the healthy fats present in it, it is very beneficial in reducing high cholesterol levels and improves the entire lipid profile.

2. Chilgoza for pregnancy –

It is a good source of iron, which is an essential nutrient for pregnant women because iron helps prevent anemia and helps in fetal hemoglobin production.

3. Pine nuts benefits for diabetes –

Unsaturated fats found in chilgoza pine nuts help increase insulin sensitivity. Apart from this, consuming it with food reduces the glycemic index which is beneficial for diabetics.

4. Chilgoza pine nuts are a good source of protein –

Sometimes it becomes difficult to supply protein in the body through a vegetarian diet. Research has found that chilgoza nuts are an important source of protein through a vegetarian diet. Chilgoza nuts contain amino acids that make them a good source of protein. In these, lysine is also found, which is an essential amino acid. It is present in very small amounts in grains. Thus, to supply protein in the body, you can include chilgoza nuts in your diet.

Further research has also found that protein isolate found in pine nuts (a pure form of protein from which other non-protein components are removed) help lower their hypertension in hypertensive individuals.

5. The properties of chilgoza are a source of antioxidants –

Research has shown that a large amount of antioxidants are found in these pine nuts. In addition, these pine nuts help to remove free radicals and fight oxidative stress. A variety of antioxidants such as gallocatechin, catechin, lutein, lycopene, carotenoids, tocopherols are found in these pine nuts.

Gallocatechin is found in the highest amounts among the antioxidant compounds present in these. Research has also observed that the amount of tocopherol and carotenoids present in this pine nuts decrease after roasting.

6. Benefits of Pine Nuts reduce cholesterol –

Chilgoza pine nuts contain a lot of healthy unsaturated fat which is very beneficial for lowering high cholesterol levels. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid unhealthy (LDL) low-density lipoproteins found in chiligoza help lower cholesterol. In addition, tocopherol, squalene and phytosterols are found in chilgoza pine nuts. Tocopherol is also found in good amounts in it, Tocopherols are powerful antioxidants which helps in reducing high cholesterol levels and protecting the heart. The squalene present in it is a health-enhancing compound that helps individuals with high cholesterol levels lower their LDL cholesterol levels, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Another study has found that pine nuts are beneficial in reducing high cholesterol and high lipid levels.

Consuming chilgoza pine nuts in daily diet regulates lipid metabolism. That is, it increases the use of fat as a source of energy and reduces its storage in the body. For this, you can take pine nut or pine nut oil as a regular diet.

7. Chilgoza pine nuts good for the heart –

When the amount of saturated fat in our body increases, then conditions like heart disease start to arise. Pine nuts contain only 13-15% saturated fatty acids of total fat. In this way due to having good fatty acids, pine nuts reduce the formation of total cholesterol, LDL, low density lipoprotein cholesterol and VLDL in the blood and arteries.

Studies have shown that pine nuts increase healthy HDL levels as well as high density lipoprotein cholesterol which protects whole heart health.

8. Pine nuts benefits for energy –

We all know that nuts are an important source of fat making them an energy source. Pine nuts are a greater source of energy than almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts. Pine nuts have more healthy fat than all these nuts. Its intake gives you a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Thus chilgoza seeds are very beneficial for malnourished individuals. Apart from this, people who need high energy diet such as diarrhea patients, HIV patients and tuberculosis patients, They can consume them as a source of energy.

9. Chilgoza for weight loss –

Just as it helps in weight gain by consuming it in large amounts, similarly it also helps in weight loss by consuming it in small quantities as breakfast. Chilgoza pine nuts in particular act as a appetite suppressant. Due to loss of appetite, they prevent weight gain and excess calorie intake. Pine nuts contain long chain fatty acids that produce a hormone called CCK-8. CCK-8 is an satiety hormone that provides us with a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger.

Research found that Korean pine nuts are 8 times more potent than the Italian pine nuts in producing the CCK-8 hormone. Another satiety hormone called GLP-1 along with CCK-8 sends signals to the brain which reduces food consumption and decreases the number of calories in the body. Thus pine nuts help in weight loss.

10. Keep away infections –

Chilgoza pine nuts have antiviral properties that help prevent viral.

Pine nut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antihypertensive, phlegm removal and diuretic properties.

How to eat chilgoza pine nuts –

  • You can eat pine nuts in cakes and bread
  • You can also eat pine nuts in your soup.
  • Chilgoza pine nuts can be eaten by mixing in various dishes such as sauces, pesto, candies, cakes, breads and vegetables.
  • You can eat them raw or roasted.
  • Pine can also be eaten as a breakfast.
  • You can eat it by sprinkling it over the salad to make it fragrant.

These are all marvelous benefits of pine nuts, By consuming pine nuts you can make health good and avoid many diseases.