Benefits of peanuts…


100 grams of raw peanut contains 1 liter milk equivalent protein. Protein in peanut is more than 25%. The protein in the same quantity of meat, fish and eggs does not exceed 10%. Know about some such wonderful health benefits of peanuts.

Let us tell you health benefits of peanuts after that you will know why you should eat peanuts

Eat peanuts and sharpen your mind. Yes ! Vitamin B3 found in peanuts accelerates the brain process and makes memory good.

The resveratrol flavonoid element, found in this, increases the blood supply by 30% in the mind. So that the brain starts to be healthy and active.

Peanut is a very good source of essential elements for the body such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese, copper etc.

The Niacin element found in peanuts increases blood flow in the brain, which prevents Alzheimer’s disease, the nervous system diseases.

Vitamin E found in peanuts brings shine to the skin and keeps skin diseases such as dryness away. It maintains skin elasticity, Thereby the not any effect of aging on skin.

In peanut, there is a special vitamin H, also called biotin. Biotin makes hair, nails, skin healthy and beautiful.

Peanut contains plenty of fiber. It is also a good source of energy, So it does not get hungry early on eating. Therefore, peanut should be consumed for weight management / weight control.

For good development of the growing children, they must peanut intake. In the peanut, the proper amount of amino acids and proteins needed for the body are found, which are good for the growth of the body.

Due to eating peanuts the possibility of diabetes decreases

By eating peanut in a balanced quantity daily, the probability of diabetes is 21% less. The manganese element found in groundnut controls blood sugar, helps the body absorb calcium and accelerates digestion.

Research has found that from the consumption of peanut, In patients with type 2 diabetes, and healthy people blood sugar does not grow. According to the British Journal of Nutrition, eating peanut or peanut butter in the morning helps control the sugar level throughout the day.

Peanuts are good in prevention and treatment of depression. In peanut, there is an amino acid called tryptophan which increases the secretion of serotonin hormone that helps mood-inducing. By which the mood is good and the mind is calm.

Peanut is very good for the heart. This reduces bad cholesterol and enhances good cholesterol. Peanuts reduce the likelihood of stomach cancer, breast cancer and fungal infection.

By eating boiled groundnut, the quality of antioxidant, called Biochanin-A and Genistein, also more increases. Famous peanut for its antioxidant quality disables the free radicals.

The iron found in peanuts increases red blood cells. Calcium found in groundnut strengthens bones and reduces the chance of osteoporosis in the growing age.

If you want to avoid the stone in the gallbladder, eat peanuts. By eating peanut or peanut butter, the probability of becoming gallbladder stones decreases by 25%.

These are all health benefits of peanuts, By eating peanuts you can make health good and avoid many diseases.