What goes through the jagged hole in the skull, Outer base of skull


Medicine is impossible without knowledge of human anatomy, its bones and skull structure. In turn, the structural features of the skull are studied by analyzing its functions. The knowledge that we have the opportunity today to gain thanks to medical atlases created many years ago makes it possible for physicians to diagnose pathology of development of bones, nerves and brain vessels. This is especially true for modern traumatologists, neurosurgeons. The knowledge gained helps to make an accurate diagnosis, perform complex operations, and determine appropriate treatment.

The human skull is the oblique base of the head, which consists of twenty-three bones. It has many channels and openings through which nerves, arteries, and blood vessels pass. Among them, the so-called, which located on one of the most difficult anatomical structures of the skull bones – the sphenoid bone, is distinguished. It plays an important role in the life of the body.