Not only in Maggi but also in these things deadly lead?

Today, the mind of all children in the whole country is surrounded by a heavy amount of lead in Maggi. On the other hand, if we see, the amount of lead is found in many things in our daily usage.
  • Doctors say that MSG is a taste-enhancing food product, which is sprinkled on top of the food. The lead in any food is not mixed with the top. Lead comes from environment i.e water, soil or indirect waste.
  • Therefore, if the quantity of lead is found in the food, it means that either the lead water has gone in the grain or through the cultivation, and then it has also gone in the product.
  • Lead is very fatal for our body, hence not only Maggi, but there are many things around us and everyday things that make us face daily with Lead. Let’s know which are the things that you use every day.

Lead in drinking water

Did you know that lead also comes from water pipes in the house. Yes, due to the poor pipe imposed in tube wells, the lead comes from it and reaches you.

Eye mascara

Yes, there is some amount of lead in the mascara that gives a beautiful look to the eyes. Once you buy your favorite mascara keep in mind that the amount of lead is not found in it.


Lipstick also contains a small amount of lead. It goes into the body from the skin as soon as it is applied to the lips. If you apply a non-branded lipstick, be careful.

Paint on the walls

The amount of lead is also very high in the paint used to paint the houses. When the paint starts to come out of the walls and the dirt starts to freeze, then only the lead in the air around you remains.

Ceramic utensils

Do you eat your food in a beautiful plate of ceramic coating? But do you know that while making ceramic utensils, a lot of lead is used, on which if acidic food or drink is added, then this lead will be mixed directly into the food and into the stomach.


On the ground the vegetables are grown, there is a large amount of lead on the land which enters it from fertilizer etc. And when we eat these vegetables, it damages our body. Washing or boiling vegetables also does not reduce the amount of lead.


There is a lot of lead in the waste and water coming out of big and big factories, which can be found directly in rivers and canals. These rivers also have fish, whose body leads to water, afterwards if you fish or anybody Even if you eat seafood, it directly affects your body.

Lead in toys

Today, toys have become poisonous even today. Traffic signs or sugar toys have higher amounts of lead and other chemicals. Having more contact with them can lead to many types of deadly diseases.