No need to go to the parlor now to enjoy the spa…

In the office sitting in front of the computer in the day, you get tired by the evening. Just think, what if you can enjoy the spa at home instead of going to the parlor? In such a way, the idea of ​​spa brings great relief to you, but due to the shortage of time, you have to kill your desire, but just think, what if you can enjoy the spa at home instead of going to the parlor? Now you must be wondering how can you enjoy the spa at home then let us tell you how.

Useful stuff for spa

To enjoy the spa at home, you should have a quiet place where you can lie down comfortably and light sweet music. Besides, massage items, scrubs and masks, bathtub, aroma candles.

How to start spa

Take scrub

Put the scrub on the body and face, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, clean with rubbing with light hand. This eliminates dead skin cells, as well as helps in increasing blood circulation.

Take tub bath

If you are taking a tub bath, then add half a cup of rose water and some rose petals. This will bring more fun to the spa. If shower baths are taking. So in the water across the bucket, add some drops of Essential Oil and rose water.

Do massage

Good body massage with oil Massage the arms and legs with little pressure. Use olive or sesame oil for massage. Mix 8-10 Drops of Essential Oil in Massage Oil Be careful not to use Essential Oil directly.

Cleaning is necessary

To clean the skin, scrub the entire body with a light hard cloth and clean it. Move upwards while starting with feet. Then clean the hands as well. After this brush with the cloth on the shoulder and stomach. It eliminates toxins on the body. After this, place the pulp of ripe papaya on the body and then after a while, clean with soft wet towels with light hands.

Insert a mask

You can prepare many types of masks at home. In the pulp of the cooked papaya, add honey, curd, orange juice and oatmeal. Honey makes the skin soft and keeps moisturizing. While papaya and curd clean the color of the skin. Orange juice or rose water does skin tone. In addition, add two spoons of Multani soil to Gulab Jal and turmeric powder or green tea. Apply this mask ​​and let it dry well. Wash after this. Multani soil has skin tight and soft.

Body lotion

Apply body lotion after washing the mask. Clean the whole body with a wet towel after 15 minutes.