Never say these things to women…

Do not ask girlfriends these things

It is said that every girl likes to talk. Every girl wants a lover in her life who can listen to what they say and give full attention. But, to maintain relationships, it is also important to speak thoughtfully, know the things that you should not speak to your girlfriends.

Info of friends

Commenting about your girlfriend’s friends at the beginning of the relationship can weaken your relationship. Speaking to your girlfriend that i does not like you to talk so many friends your. Your relationship can be limited and insecure. After this the relationship will take time to become normal. Apart from this she will hide things from you. Relationship always demands trust and personal freedom. So do not say these things to your girlfriend, give her your confidence and space and do not become insecure.

Talk later

Talking abruptly in the middle speaking in the middle that I talk later. Doing so often can make your girlfriend nervous. Because it is said that a woman’s mind is very strong and very dangerous too. Do not know, how many questions and stories they make about this. Like, “What is he ignoring me?”, “He is cheating on me?”, “He is not interested in me now?” So give him proper meditation and time, and if you are really busy, tell him why you are busy.

I love you – let’s do the dating

If you like any and you want to spend time with him, do not tell him in a single meeting that what is going on in your mind or you want to go with him on a date. First of all do not try to yourself on that impose it on yourself, otherwise the relationship will become unilateral in which there will be no respect and will not be able to walk for much longer. First of all, let love and chemistry grow and then look at the right time and tell him.

How many people had relations with?

How many people had relations with, your, do not ask such fierce question with your girlfriend only at the beginning of the relationship. At the beginning of friendship, it may be bad to ask how many people have sex with. Apart from that you do not trust him and in that there can also be a sense of insecurity. You can do such questions when your relationship is deep, well you do not ask questions like this, only then better.

Not looking good

Women do not feel alike every day. Sometimes he is very excited about his clothes and make-up, never. So do not say about her clothes that she does not wear good clothes because she can feel bad to hear it. If she feels comfortable around you and she loves you, then the appearances should not make any difference.

Your password is required

Suddenly asking for his password is also a reason for the feeling of insecurity in the relationship. If you say this to someone on the second and third dates, your girlfriend may have a sense of insecurity and his respect towards you can also be low. Although, in the old relationship, all these things do not matter, but in the fresh relationship, all of these mistakes can create a never-ending gap between you and your partner.

I am super critical

Appreciate those things that she do for you, not hypercritical at every step. If she makes something for you and you do not like, then do not start criticizing his cooking skills, because not everyone can be a master chef. The same is with her clothes even if she is trying to look good, tell her what she should do to look good and not that she could look better than this.

Do you like me

If you were desperate from the first date, it does not mean that after going to the second date, you suddenly started questioning him, “Do you like me?” By doing so, she may feel that you are a very sharp person who can not wait to decide on this matter. Keep patience and give it time that she likes you and tell you yourself.