Mycobacterium tuberculosis…


This bacteria called mycobacterium, by reaching the lungs, gradually they start increasing their numbers.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Causes and Symptoms


Tuberculosis and TB, which is known in the common language as TB disease, is a life-threatening disease. At one time it spread like epidemic, today it is possible to treat but still it is a deadly disease. The main reason for this disease being caused is the bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is a kind of infectious disease. Its bacteria are found in contaminated water or soil. Therefore, more TB patients are found in contaminated places. Mycobacterium tuberculosis can attack on any part of the body such as kidney, spinal cord, brain And if it is not treated at the earliest then it can prove to be fatal.


The spread of the disease is transmitted from one person to another with the contact of the microscopic particles emitted in the air by the infected person. Living in any contaminated place or eating an inappropriate food, this bacteria enters the body. By coughing, spitting and sneezing of any person suffering from TB, these bacteria spread through the air and enter the other person’s body standing nearby.


If your body has more immunity, then this bacterium can not enter your body, but if the immunity is low, then the bacteria easily enter your body and their numbers begin to increase. TB treatment is done according to the rules established by four antibacterial medicine for six months. It takes about 22 weeks for the disease to be cured.


When the bacteria of tuberculosis enter the body, the patient will lose weight, do not get hungry, have fever, cough for more than two weeks, chest pain, sweating in sleep at night, bleeding in cough and sputum Problems occur.


Those who are infected with HIV increase the risk of having mycobacterium tuberculosis. Alcohol and drug intake also threaten tuberculosis. By spending time with any TB patient, this bacteria can enter your body. By visiting those places TB bacteria can enter the body, where there are tuberculosis patients, like hospitals. Tuberculosis is prone to the treatment of a disease for long or when the immunity is low. The risk of tuberculosis is doubled in the victims of malnutrition.


A person infected with TB should stay home and rest until he is completely cured of infection. The germs of tuberculosis are easily spread in windless closed spaces, so keep the room airy adequately. Maintain proper hygiene.


At present, children are given a BCG vaccine at the time of birth so that they are protected from this disease. Keep in mind that these vaccines are effective only for infants, adults have no effect on it.