What causes of migraine…


Let’s know what causes of migraine

  • Hormonal changes such as estrogen fluctuations trigger headaches in many women. Many women have a tendency to develop acute migraines during menopause or pregnancy.
  • Foods like processed food, salty food and aged cheese can also cause migraines.
  • Alcohol consumption is a major cause of extreme migraine in people.
  • Stress at home or work can also migraine causes.

Migraine causes

Migraines are troubled by conditions such as headaches such as cluster headaches, sinus headache and tension headaches that most of us have to face at least once in our lives. Anti-nausea and pain relieving medicines are treated most of the time for headaches. Headaches usually cause unwanted symptoms such as nausea and vomiting and make us feel weeks throughout the day. When a headache occurs, the pain arises from the tissues surrounding the brain or skull because physically there is no nerve in the skull or brain that can give rise to a sensation known as pain. Because pain is only felt in your metabolism when that particular part of our anatomy contains pain fibers.

When and how headaches can develop, When a thin layer of nerves and tissue which is surrounded by muscles, Which surrounds our skulls, eyes, ears, sinuses, is very disturbing due to reasons, Depending on the cause of the brain, severe headache, dull, throbbing, temporary, constant, intense and mild.