Many different diseases are caused by kissing partner…


By doing kiss there are diseases

It is common to do one another kiss in the relationship. By kiss which people also express love to each other, and each person has a different way of kiss. So there are many ways and names to do kiss, such as French kis, single lip kis, Take care kiss etc … so far you have read the benefits of kiss. But maybe you do not know that there are some losses to kiss. In fact, everyone should know that kissing partner also leads to many diseases. So be aware of these diseases and be cautious before kissing.

Danger of infection

The risk of having the most infection during kiss. Actually, the saliva of two people goes into each other’s mouth during kiss. Thereby increasing the risk of oral infection. In fact, every human has many types of minor diseases, which goes into the mouth of one another through the saliva during the kiss.

Cough and cold

Sometimes partner is cough and colds and. So from kiss germs also goes to the other partner’s mouth. Because of this, it is believed that by kissing, people are most likely to complain about cough and colds.

Mouth ulcers

During the blisters in the mouth, one should not kiss each other at all. Because when the saliva of each other’s mouth goes in the mouth of each other during the kiss, then the fear of spreading the mouth bacteria is also frightened. Due to which the problem of ulcers in the lips and tongue becomes the problem.

Problems of gums and teeth

Kisses also cause gum and tooth problems. Most people do not clean their mouths and So when they kiss, bad teeth and bacteria of bad gums also go to the other partner’s mouth. Due to which teeth and gums cause problems.