Makeup tips…

Just as you choose the outfit for the season wise, according to the season make-up rules also change. To save makeup from viscosity and try these 10 summer proof makeup tips to get a refreshing skin for a long time.Often you do make-up in front of the hour glass, but when you look after later you do not get any convincing results. If you do not look good, you are also disappointed. Actually, to get a look like a parlor not to work for hours, you need to know some tips and tricks. If you know some important things related to makeup, you probably will not face any kind of disappointment. Here we are going to tell you some kind of makeup tips for summer that will enhance the face. Will help you look more beautiful.

These 10 makeup tips will help you look more beautiful, get a parlor look like this…

Minimal makeup

Keep makeup lights. Reduce the use of Foundation, Compact Powder, Concealer, Primer. These cause skin problems in breathing and there is a danger of skin damage.

Creamy texture

Do not use powder-based make-up products for base make-up, eye, lip, chin and cheek makeup. From sweat makeup can descend. Buy products with creamy or sticky texture, these are long lasting.

Tinted moisturizer

Place the light wet face cream or tinted moisturizer instead of the foundation for base make-up in the sultry weather. This will make the make-up a thin base. Start face makeup after fifteen minutes of applying moisturizer.

BB or CC Cream

Since applying the foundation in summer, base make-up may be overwhelming, so instead of foundation, a colored cream like BB or CC cream can be applied. Even without such a cream foundation, the foundation gives the effect, as well as light weight.

Say no to concealer

Do not use concealer by mistake. Avoid applying matte powder on face. Apply powder only on T zone area if necessary.

Eye makeup

Avoid Heavy-Dark Makeup. Use pencil eyeliner instead of liquid. Select Creamy Texture for Eyeshadow. Choose warm or natural shades like Pink, Champagne, Beige. Finally, volume the eyelashes by putting waterproof mascara.


Before make-up and after applying a concealer after the moisturizer, the base makeup lasts for long periods of time.

Lip makeup

Say no to Matt Lipstick and yes to lip stain. Apply lip gloss after lip stain for glossy look. Liquid or creamy lipstick can be applied. If eye makeup light, put dark lipstick.

Right blush

Do not make the mistake of putting powder blush on in the heat. Keep a creamy blush in a vanity box or use a stein blush on it, it lasts for a long time. Choose Natural Shades or Pink Blushers.

Translucent powder

After eye lip makeup and blush on, finally apply translucent powder from large brush, so that it absorbs the skin’s extra oil or sweat.