Make these 5 tips perfect your makeup and hair look

Make-up on every face and any style is made in the hair, then it beautifies beauty. Every girl is fond of doing make-up and decorate her hair in a special way. These are the things that show you different from other women. If you know the right way to do makeup then it can increase your beauty even further. Because sometimes a hasty make-up, or makeup in the absurdity, by this you can become a laughing fan. Today we are telling you some special and easy tips for makeup that are really very beneficial.

These are the best ways of make-up and hairstyles

This look is the best for the day. After cleaning the face, apply light or minimally mineral foundation and blend it well. Put soft brown eyeshadow on the corners of the eyelids. Put a coat of waterproof mascara to make eye catchy. Highlight cheeks with Baby Pink Blush. Apply the coral lip gloss on the lips and complete the look.

Place tinted moisturizer on the face. Apply blush of light pitch shed on cheeks. Put neutral shadows on the eyelids. Blend well. Put two coats of waterproof mascara. After this, apply neon color (Bright orange) lip color on the lips. You can do this look well in the day flout. you can apply silver shadow on brow bone (on the bones below the eyebrows) for the night.

Apply a concealer to hide the black mark under the eyes. Then place the base. Draw a line from the waterproof eye pencil on the eyelids. For this, you can choose any color, such as blue, green, pink or orange, contrasted with outfits. Spread the outdoors from the outer corners of the eyes and apply. To highlight cheeks, apply light pink color blusher. Put lipstick on the lips with pop colors (Dark Pink, Hot Red, Burnt Orange).

To get this look straight hair is necessary. If your hair is not straight, then you can straighten them with hair straightening iron. Apply a mousse or a gel in the hair and comb directly on the rear. After that, make a tight ponytail in the Crown Area (in the center of the head). Tighten the pony with colorful rubberband Now take a thin section of hair from the top and apply hair gel on it and wrap it around rubberband and fix it with Bobby Pin.

This look is for the evening. Add tinted moisturizer. Find dark brown eye shadow on the outer corners of the eyes. Slowly blend inward towards Now add shimmer green shadow till the eyelash from the crease line (where the eyelids turn). Now add gold shimmer from crease line to brow bone. Blend well. Insert bold black waterproof kajal and mascara, highlight cheeks with light pink blush, apply the peel natural lip color on the lips to make the look complete.

Do center or side partition. partition must be clean, not messy. Comb hair or apply all hair on one side of the neck with your fingertips. Now divide the hair into three equal to sections. Now make a simple smooth peak by interlocking, leave some of the hair below and put rubber bands. Now apply sparkle pins on the other side of the hair neck or compose a look with scarves / plain band.