Maggi food is right or not, Expert opinion…

The samples of maggi tested in Delhi have been found to exceed the quantity of lead. According to official statement, the quantity of lead in 10 of the 13 samples is more than 2.5 ppm.
  • In addition, MSG (monosodium glutamate) has been found in its test maker, which is not written anywhere on the product. The Delhi Government will file a case against Maggi for misrepresenting and selling unsafe products to the consumers.
  • Have you been eating maggi for many years? Is it healthy? If your children used to have Maggi when they were hungry, then what bad effects could have on their health? Let’s know about the opinions of Experts …

1. What happens if you eat foods with a high amount of lead?

The lead gets a long-term adverse effect on your body by gathering in the body such as bad effects on digestion. It also affects the brain, kidney and fertility.

2. How much quantity of lead has been found in Maggi?

The initial investigation by UP FDA (Food and Drug Administration, Uttar Pradesh) has been found to lead upto 17 ppm in the packaging of Maggi. Whereas the recommended amount of consumption of humans for daily consumption is 0.01 ppm.

* According to the Delhi Government statement, the limit of 2.5 ppm quantity of lead is fixed.

3. What is the status of MSG in Maggi?

The amount of MSG present in a packet of Maggi is not an accurate estimate, MSG has problems related to brain problems, headaches, swelling in the liver. It has a risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity as well as reducing appetite. There are many other dangers that you should be aware of.

4. What to do to get out excess quantity of lead from the body?

You can not take out much of it from the body because it gets accumulated in the body. By drinking the juice of antioxidants such as cranberry, you can reduce its effect on the body. Eat too much green vegetables and drink more water, it will reduce toxic load and digestive system will improve.

5. Do children have a higher risk?

Children are more at risk. They may have brain-related problems because the absorption of lead in their body is more than that of adults.

6. If there is a lot of MSG in Maggi, can I get cancer eating it?

It is true that consuming MSG and Lead for long periods of time can lead to cancer. Since there is a high amount of both of them in Maggi, therefore this is a risk of cancer. Learn 8 reasons that can cause cancer.

7. If I eat Maggi once a week?

Maggi has a lot of MSG and Lead, whose side effects do not show any signs at the beginning.

8. What if I’m eating it for a month?

You can complain of pain in the stomach due to not digesting food properly, because the lead gets accumulated in the body. (Read: MSG in your favorite Maggi and the amount of Lead was found much, Maggie can make you sick)

9. Normally eat it, what is right?

Maggi is made from refined dough or flour, which is hard to digest. There are preservatives in it which are not suitable for health as well as there is more salt in it which can cause high blood pressure.

10. It is said that there are nutrients in it. Is it true?

Although it is advertised as such that it is full of nutrients and proteins, but does not contain nutrients nor fiber. There is an excess of carbohydrate in it, whose excessive amount is not right for the body.

11. Are Maggi Oats and Maggy Flour Noodles Right?

It is said that there is oats and flour, but it is not that they are present in it. Both of these are mixed in the flour, so the quantity of flour is higher than that, and the quantity of oats and flour in front of more flour is negligible.

12. If it is found that the quantity of lead is not high in Maggi, how many days can you eat it?

In such a situation, you can eat Maggi sometime in 15-20 days. Do not eat it daily as it is not right for health. (Read: Apart from Maggi, there are snacks prepared in just 2 minutes)

13. What kind of maggi do you recommend eating in 15 days?

This is the favorite and quick snack of people. You can take other options such as oats and flour noodles, sometimes when you do not have any other choice.

14. What is the right time to eat Maggi?

Do not ever take Maggie into breakfast because it contains more of the carbohydrates like maida which are not easy to digest. It does not give you instant power to start the day. Eat it in the evening or after the launch.

15. Are dry vegetables to be cast in Maggi, are right to eat?

Dry vegetables contain preservatives that reduce the metabolic rate and reduce the digestive tract. It would be nice if they are not only ignored.

16. I am feeding my child to Maggi. Is not it right for her health?

Maggi i.e. carbohydrate is high and there are fewer nutritional elements, proteins and fibers. So it would be better to eat some good health food instead. You can give Maggi once in a month to change the taste. Read: How accurate are the noodles prepared immediately for your child.

17. What is the correct age for feeding maggi baby?

The right age for feeding Maggi to the child is five years. But only once a month, instead of daily.

18. My child is 3 years old. Can I give her Maggi?

In the first 5 years, the development of the child’s brain is much faster. Therefore, proper nutrition is very important for proper development of the brain. Eating high-tech foods can block the development of the brain. Even if the amount of lead is less in it but since there is no nutrient in it, it is not the right age to feed Maggi to the child.