Symptoms of leukemia…


Do you know the symptoms of leukemia?

You will be unaware of these symptoms of leukemia

Today we are going to tell you about some symptoms of leukemia

These symptoms point towards leukemia, do not ignore it

9 Signs and Symptoms of Leukemia

1. If ignored, these symptoms can prove dangerous –

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer in which white blood cells are affected. If the symptoms of leukemia are not detected at the right time, it can prove to be fatal. Every year, about one million people become victims of leukemia. What kind of leukemia is now depends on the type of blood cell that takes the form of cancer. Here are some symptoms that secretly attack the body and then take dangerous forms:

2. Feeling tired –

If you feel more tired. Even after completing sleep, if you feel that your body is not alive and cannot get up then contact the doctor immediately. Fatigue and weakness are felt when there is a lack of blood in the body. This lack of blood it is also called anemia.

3. Getting hurt without any injury –

If you get hurt without any physical injury or if there are black dark or blue marks on any part of the body at any time, then you need to contact the doctor. In addition, if it is taking too long to heal, it can be a symptom of leukemia.

4. Headache

If there is persistent headache, it may be a sign of leukemia. Apart from this, it also indicates bleeding in the head.

5. Sudden sweating at night –

If you suddenly start sweating while sleeping at night, talk to your doctor. In this way, sudden sweating is not normal. This is usually due to an infection that is directly related to leukemia.

6. Swelling in gums –

Swelling in the gums is not always caused by dirt in the mouth, but it can also be a sign of leukemia.

7. Fever

Due to this disease, the immune system of the body starts to weaken. Due to which flu, fever etc. surround us. Frequent fever is a symptom of this.

8. Breathing problem –

Due to excess fatigue and weakness, there is excessive pressure on the body, due to which the breathing starts to become difficult and the person starts breathing quickly. On climbing a little staircase, the breath starts to swell.

9. Bloating –

If the spleen size increases, it may be a symptom of chronic or acute leukemia. Increasing the spleen size also dies to hunger.