Learn why tensions in the youth are increasing…

Stress in youth

There is hardly any person in the current round who is not surrounded by stress. But talking about the youth, the most stress is seen in these. The innumerable examples of these days are seen around us. You must be surprised to know that the main reason for the increase in number of divorce is also stress. However, the question arises that why is the younger generation so full of stress? A big reason behind this is our shift lifestyle. Let’s take a look at these.


Technology has reconciled life into our fingers. Yes, yes! While on the one hand technology has simplified our life, On the other hand it has removed us from ours. We do not go to meet friends from time to time, do not share our heart with anyone. As a result, all the problems in the home or office are sitting like a burden in the heart. Certainly this major change in lifestyle creates a network of stress around us.


As our purchasing power is increasing, the pressure on us is also increasing. Actually, the thing to say is that our financial situation is getting better day by day but our mental state is getting worse. The extra burden of work always brings us closer to stress and the reality is that youths are often involved in the burden of work.

Night life

Nowadays youth are getting a new trend. This is, Night Life. The desire to awaken the night in the youth, to fulfill your hobby even to work, is increasing in the night. Perhaps you do not know that night life affects our physical and mental health. This is the reason that the overnight fatigue is converted into tension.

Shifting job

While BPO culture has provided employment opportunities to the youth On the other hand tension is also served with great comfort. Actually people who have a shifting job, are often away from social life. Sleep during the daytime and work with full energy at night. At some intervals this cycle turns upside down. As a result, they can not give time to home, neither friends, nor society, nor themselves. In such it is not surprising that tension increases.

Lack of sports and exercise

Until a few decades ago, all the parks present around the house, especially on the holidays, were engaged to youth. Someone used to play football, so somebody used to play Volleyball. Someone had a bat in his hand, So somebody were skates wheels in his legs. Needless to say, the game jumps not only keep us healthy, but also avoid mental stress. Today, when our relationship with sports has become negligible, In such a situation the increase of tension is normal.

Social networking sites

Of course, social networking sites have set up a store of friends in front of us. What do we like, whether or not we do. Everything can be easily shared in social networking sites. Despite this, do you know why tension is increasing in youth? Because social networking sites are a virtual world. There is nothing real here Everything is fake. As we sit in social networking sites, we take a mask. This mask fills us with irritation and stress. All studies also suggest that due to social networking sites, tension has increased.

Lack of interest

If you are free from work then relax a bit. Now this fund of life has remained. Whereas hobbies or say special interest in any particular thing always keeps us from positive energy. But now it does not, Because now we try, earn a little money and relax in the remaining time. In this way hobbies have disappeared from our lives. If there is no tension in this, then what else will be.