Learn the complete method of preparing hair straightening cream at home…

Are your hair curly or your hair is not manageable like others? You can then better understand how much more difficult it is to handle such hair. It is also a time when seeing others’ hair, thinking that it would be so pleasant to have so much soft, silky and straight hair.

Many women go to the spa and salon and they satisfy their desire of soft and straight hair with the help of chemical treatments such as rebonding, straightening. But do you know that such treatment is used in these treatments which is harmful to skin and hair. So what should you do now? Is there any alternative to these treatments, so that the desire for straight hair is complete and there is no harm to the hair? And the answer is yes.

You can make hair straightening cream for your hair at home, in which you have to use the material available at home. Read this article and learn how to prepare cream at home for Smooth, Silky and Straight Hair.

Method 1:


1 cup coconut milk

2 teaspoon olive oil

2 teaspoons lemon juice

3 tsp corn starch

How to prepare

Take a pan and heat coconut milk in light flame.

Keep adding olive oil to it.

Now add lemon juice and run it.

Insert corn starch in this hot mixing mixture and mix all well.

Keep it running with light hands.

When it becomes a thick paste, close the flame and allow the mixture to cool in the pan.

Your hair straightening cream is fully prepared for use.

How to use

Smooth shampoo and then wash your hair well with the conditioner.

Do not use hair dryer.

Wipe the hair with towels and let them dry in the air.

When the hair is wet, then apply this paste in the hair length.

Take it from the root of hair to the ends.

When this paste is done in the entire hair, cover your head with the help of a shower cap and leave it for two hours.

After two hours, shampoo your hair and do conditioning.

To get smooth, shiny and straight hair, repeat it twice a week for two months.

Method 2:


1 cup coconut milk

2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil

2 teaspoon gelatine powder

2 teaspoons organic honey

2 tsp Corn Flour

2 teaspoons lemon juice

How to prepare

Heat a little coconut milk and extra virgin coconut oil in a pan.

Keep flame light and keep running both things slowly.

Now add gelatine powder and stir it. Finally add a little corn flour in it and mix the mixture with light hands. So that all things get mixed well.

When lightened thick paste, turn off the flame and allow the mixture to cool.

When the paste is cooled, add some lemon juice and organic honey to it. Now this paste is ready for use.

How to Use 

Divide Your Hair Right and Left in Two Pieces Do not forget to resolve your hair before applying this paste.

Now divide the left part hair into smaller parts.

Now put a paste in each part with the help of a brush.

When the paste is completely removed in the left part, start the same process on the right side.

When this paste is done in the entire hair, cover your head with the help of shower cap and leave it for an hour.

After thirty minutes, wash your hair with cold water.

After this, do not shampoo hair but use the conditioner directly.

Apply the conditioner you use and keep it in the hair for five minutes. Now wash the head with cold water.

Instead of drying your hair, let your hair dry in the air.

Use this paste twice a week to get better results.