Learn about some common myths associated with bleach…

Use of bleach

Most people use bleach before facial or to look gorgeous. Sometimes it is a different matter but it is wrong to always have a bleach and to believe the things related to it. There are some myths about bleach which are important to know about. Many people use bleach after listening. While this is wrong. So if you are going to use bleach then read the myth associated with it here and then decide to bleach.

Myth 1: Bleach is safe

People say that bleach has a lot of facial effect and it is safe. While many dermatologists believe that bleaching increases the amount of sodium hypochlorite in the skin, causing damage to the skin.

Myth 2: Patch test

The patch test only shows that after bleach you will not have irritation or itching. While the patch test does not tell about the loss it causes. In fact, damage from bleach occurs after that and white skin spots on the skin.

Myth 3: Decreases hair growth

This is the biggest myth that bleaching does not cause hair on the face. Hair growth depends on hormone.

Myth 4: Fairness increases

Bleach clears the face but there is no fairness. In addition bleach gives the hair in the face golden, whereby the face looks white or fair. But from this, the front knows that you have bleached.

Myth 5: All bleach are identical

No product is the same. So get the product information before bleaching. Also use bleach cream according to your skin tone.