Learn about myths and their truths related to pimples.

Myth – Pimples because of the dirty face

People believe that when the face is not well clean then there are pimples. Dirt of the face causes the pimples. People believe that when the face is not cleaned properly, the dirt turns comes on the face in the form of a pimples.

Truth – Actually there is blackheads with dirt and facial dirt trapped in pores. Causes of frozen sebum and dead skin in the follicles cause facial pores to close, which causes blackheads. And when they come in contact with the dirt then their color becomes dark brown. In this case people understand it as a pimples and the reason for this is considered dirt. While there is no special relationship with the dirt of these pimples, blackheads. These are due to the excess oils produced in your face.

What to do – In order to get rid of this regularly exfoliate the face.

Myth – Do not moisturize the skin when it is pimples.

People are advised that they should not be moisturize the face when it is pimples. Because this gives the face more oil, which increases the amount of dirt in excess and increases the chances of getting a pimples. In such a way, the person suffering from the pimples has hesitated before using the moisturizer.

Truth – People with oily skin hesitate before using a moisturizer, because they think that more than this can be pimples. While moisturizing is very important for facial skin. Even if you have a problem with Pimples. Yes, But at such times choose the moisturizer according to the skin.

What to do – Mild oil-free moisturizer will be good for oily skin. This will not harm your skin.

Myth – Junk food is the cause of pimples

People believe that pimples are due to junk food. Pimples due to outside things, oily substance, junk food, coldrink etc. In this case, people are instructed not to eat smooth foods, junk food and coldrink when they are pimples.

Truth – It’s not like this. Generally, the cause of junk food pimples is not made. Many researches confirm that eating foods like chocolate, french fries and cheeseburger does not have any effect on the skin. In many research, other dairy products made from milk and milk have been considered as the cause of pimples. Similarly, other research has shown that fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index and fiber are beneficial for pimples.

What to do – In this case, if someone has a problem with pimples, then they should not consume milk for a few days.

Myth – If you have pimples wash your face again and again

People believe that face wash should be again and again if there is a pimples. It clears the face of the face and extra oil is removed from the skin of the face and the pimples are cured. In this way many people start using hard face wash to remove oil from the face and make it dry. Pimples are also dry when the face becomes dry, and people think that such a face is due to washing.

Truth – However, it is not like that. Washing face again and again ends the natural oil of the face. By using hard face wash, the skin of the face gets dry and becomes worse. Pimples are also dry when the skin is dry, so people think that it has cured. While it does not happen.

What to do – When coming from the outside, soak cotton in gulab jal and clean the face with that cotton. Then wash the face with ice water. Avoid face wash and scrubber.

Myth – Busting pimples they are fine quickly.

Some people believe and also advise others, that. Busting pimples they are fine quickly.

Truth – This is the biggest myth and lies on, which people to this believe. Especially the young people believe this thing quickly. While doing so, you are only calling the pain. Many times it is possible to have more pimples when doing this. Many times it also marks on the face.

What to do – Do not busting pimples