Know important tips for eye health…

Eyes are an important part of our body, we see beautiful scenes of nature. Apart from this, beautiful eyes make your beauty look beautiful. Therefore, as much care as your skin needs. The same should be taken care of the eyes. In the changing season, there are many problems in the eyes, which can take away the beauty of your eyes. Therefore, there should be special caution in eye care. To save eyes from sun and dust, do the use of eyeglasses when coming out of the house. Come learn some tips from which you can keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

Tips for eye health

To eat eye health, more salt should not be eaten because it weakens the eyes.

Eating in iron, copper and glass utensils increases the eyesight.

Pure ghee should be used daily in the food. It is beneficial for the eyes.

In the morning fill the water in the mouth and spray the cold water 20-25 times on the closed eyes. Remember, mouth water should be filled while spraying or washing the face with water.

Do not sit on the computer continuously in the office, take a break in the middle and close your eyes 1-2 times, keeping the palms with light pressure on your eyes and keeping eyes relaxed.

Massage of oil massage on the body, especially in the legs of the feet increases the eyesight.

Do not put cold water in the face immediately after coming from the sun. Wash the face only after the body temperature is normal. Eyes should not be washed with warm water.

Before going out in the sun, please do not forget the specs. This does not allow the sun’s ultraviolet rays to reach the eyes.

Should not be studying in low light for too long. It can be dangerous for eye health.

The night should not stay awake for long and sleep is harmful to the eyes for long after sunrise. If you have to wake up late because of work, you should drink a glass of cold water in half an hour.

If you are sleeping coming and your eyes are getting cumbersome, So in such a situation do not wake up until late, go to sleep immediately.

Like other parts of the body, do regular exercises for eyes too.

Always be careful when choosing cosmetics for eye makeup.

From time to time, keep an eye examining eye doctor.