Know about your pillow these truths…

Do not you sleep at night without your lovely two-year-old pillows, if that is the case, then you need to know a bit more about your pillows. Because scientists say that if your pillow is too old, On which you sleep every night keeping your head, so it is the best place to reproduce germs and diseases.

About 70 percent of people say that a comfortable pillow is very important for good night sleep. But when it comes to our favorite pillows, many of us make an important mistake. We use them for a very long time.

Robert Oxman of the Director of the Sleep to Live Institute says that in fact you should change your pillow every six months. Within two years then the pillow should be replaced. At the same time, according to the health site WebMD, the mattress makes life difference from 5 to 10 years. Oxman explains that people talk about mattresses but often the pillows are ignored. Unlike the mattress, the breakdown of pillow is given less attention, while it should be changed every 6 months.

That’s because in your pillow, on which you sleep with your mouth every night, it is all bacteria and dirt. On the other hand, dirt, oil and dead skin cells are trapped in the cushions that sleep on the same night every night, which can cause acne or skin infection. According to Mark R. Nustrom of Kansas City Allergy and Asthma Associates, because of the dust and dirt in the pillow. If not used bacteria live on it and you can not see them. This is the reason that your pillows and mattresses are its weight increases with each year, This weight is actually a mass of dust and germs.

Forgetting the spiders and their relatives doing meetings in your pillows, then accumulation of dust particles present in your pillows can lead to a lot of health problems, Especially those people who are allergic to dust particles and insects, these old pillows can make them sick. According to Nustrom, almost 20 percent of people have this type of allergy.

Although the good news is that dust particles do not spread any other disease except for allergic or asthmatic reactions. But even then it does not mean that you sleep in thousands of allergic dust particles in your old pillow.

Research on pillows 

According to a research done by The Brats and The London NHS Trust, one-third of the weight of your pillow is full of stools of germs, dead skin, dust and germs. According to the scientists, the condition of pillows of hospitals is much worse than home pillows. There may also be bacteria of MRSA, C-Diff, Flu, Smallpox and even leprosy.

According to the report of Deli Mail, a while ago, the author of the research, Dr. Arthur Tucker had said in this context that people start to understand clean and clean by putting a new cover on pillows, but they do not know that they are covering the germs like this. According to Tuker some germs and bacteria that grow in pillows can never be washed or killed. They can cause e-coli infections, respiratory and urinary problems.