Know about myths related to female razors and shaving…

Soft skin is the basis of beauty for Indian women. So they avoid using razors. Although there are some myths behind it. With this we must also keep in mind that there is no scientific basis for any of these myths.

Let’s know some common myths associated with shaving and their reality-

From shaving hair does not thick

By shaving again the hair grows fast and they are more black and thick – this is the most common myth associated with razor. When you use the razor, you cut the hair at the surface of the skin. The razor does not affect hair roots. Therefore, it can not affect the hair regeneration Hair growth depends on genetics and Hormones.

The skin is not dry

The shaving does not make the skin tender or flaky. On the contrary, shaving nourishes the skin, Because it works to remove upper dead skin and bring down the soft skin above. To keep the skin flexible, it is advisable to apply the Moisturizer after shaving.

Hair not grow fast

Shaving increases your hair faster, there is no truth in it. Our hair grow at different speeds at every age. With this gender and hormones also have an impact on this.

New razor does not bite

Generally it is believed that the newer razor bites more and the Old razor runs better than this. Whereas reality is just the opposite. The old razor can make you more upset, neither does you get the full benefit and you can not even shave in the right way. Along with this, putting too much emphasis on razor or using single blade razors can damage the skin.

More emphasis pouring

Putting more emphasis does not give close shave. Putting too much emphasis on the razor is more likely to cut. By keeping the blade parallel to the skin it is easy to shave and the razor can work with its full potential. Shave hands lightly to get close shave.

Do not get close shave

You do not get close shave from repeated shaving on the same area. There is absolutely no need to do this when using razors. So if you are having trouble┬áremoving the hair, it’s time to change your razor.

To get borrow razor

It is not a smart decision to use another person’s razor. The first thing is absolutely unhygienic and secondly, Women’s hair removal needs are different from men. So, it is better that you use your own razor, we will not recommend using your partner’s razor.