Just keep this in mind while coloring the hair, Will look more stylish..

Hair is not only painted to look younger. Hair color nowadays has become a fashion status. Now it is a matter of old time, when the hair was painted with black color. People are not afraid of any kind of experiments about their looks. The largest confectioner is about the color that will be perfect for hair. Every kind of hair color is present in the market. Before choosing hair color, you have to take care of many things. It is not just fashion to color the hair but it is more important to match that hair color to your face. To address this problem, we are telling you some tips that will help you choose the right hair color.

Hair color according to skin

If your skin is on light yellowness then dark hair color will be good for your hair. Light hair color should not be used as it will not give a natural look to your hair.

If you have pink skin then you should avoid red, golden color. People with this type of skin should use Ash tone (a type of toner) to make their hair color look natural.

Any hair color that looks good on people whose skin is white, People with this type of skin can use any shade hair color.
If you have more yellowness in your skin then do not use black or dark black color because it increases your skin’s yellowishness.
Hair color according to clothing

If you look better in red, orange, golden yellow and olive green, then you should use the hair color with golden bland, golden brown, strawberry bland color.

Those who look good in Bluish red, Royal Blue, Black and Pine Green Colors, they should use cool type hair color such as Platinum, Ash Blend, Ash Brown, Burgundy and Jet Black Hair Color etc.
If you like red and violet clothes, then Sandy Blend, Seed Blend, and Chocolate Brown, your hair color will look good.
Hair color according to eyes

Hair color taken with warm tones, such as red and golden color, is fine for those whose eyes are brown green or hazel in color, this color looks good on people with yellowish eyes.
Whose eyes are blue or gray, gold or ash colors will look better on their hair.