Increases in the changing season the risk of chickenpox these are 5 causes responsible for this…

Chickenpox is such a health problem which happens anyway, but in the changing season it is most likely to see its outbreaks. It is an infectious disease that many people call smallpox. This infection is more in children than 1 to 10 years of age. There is a risk of this infection even if it is ill for more days. Doctors say that chickenpox is also caused by eating disorders. Irregularity in eating is the main cause of this disease. Rapid itching, red rash, are the main symptoms of this disease. Once you see these symptoms, contact the doctor immediately. Try to keep other people safe from it. Let’s know what is due to chickenpox, symptoms and prevention methods.

Due to being Chicken Pox

This illness is due to eating unhealthy food, Like eating contaminated food or water or eating open foods it is like feast this disease.

Apart from this, it is also caused by excessive cold or heat, the varicella virus in the air is more active in the cold, which affects the children.

Children whose skin is more sensitive are more likely to have chicken pox.

It gets infections by bathing too much hard soap or for a long time.

In more young children, suddenly leaving the mother’s milk and feeding other foods this infection can spread.

Symptoms of chickenpox

Firstly, there is a fever in children, which lasts for two days, then the rash comes out in the body. After six days, the rash itself ends but the affected child becomes weak and the body’s immune system becomes weak. It starts with red protruding grain.

The red rash later turns into blister.

The pus begins to come, the pus becomes erupt, and becomes rough.

It mainly appears on the face, skull, spine and legs.

It has sharp itching.

It is a major symptom of not feeling hungry, vomiting.

Home remedies for chickenpox

According to the expert, if you have chickenpox, you should wear light clothes while sleeping and sleep on the bed of neem leaves. Your skin has a great experience happen with the natural juices of these leaves. If this treatment is done regularly. Chickenpox can get rid of itching and scars.

By boiling the neem leaves in water, bathing with that water removes skin diseases and it is especially helpful in the treatment of smallpox and it is helpful in not spreading its virus. Due to chickenpox, it is very itchy in the grains, to overcome this itching, you get enough relief by bathing with the water of neem leaves. For this, put neem leaves in a tub filled with lukewarm water. Let it drown for about 10 minutes. With this water bath once a day you will get rid of chickenpox.

Neem leaves paste is good for the skin because the skin gets refreshed. Take a handful of neem leaves for this and make a paste. After bathing with neem water, put this paste on the chickenpox portion. Although it may be itchy in the skin, but there is a great way to treat skin.

If you do not want to use paste, then you can apply the juice of neem leaves on the skin, After making paste to make neem juice, it can be make juice after squeezing it. Neem leaves are very effective for skin due to having antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral elements. It not only provides relief from the stains, but also prevents infection from spreading.