How to increase sperm count…


When it is time to bring new guests to the house and you make every effort to fulfill it. The good thing is that in the last few years there have been many such studies which claim that if your sperm count is low, which is becoming a hindrance to your happiness, then you can increase it. We are going to tell you some of these ways.

Know about the how to increase sperm count

Method 1: Changes in diet

1. Change your diet:

Improve your diet generate more and healthy sperm. Do not underestimate this process.

  • Eat less processed foods or do not eat it altogether, and Instead, eat foods that contain low fat and more protein. Eat more vegetables and cereals, if possible, buy organic foods. Drink plenty of water. Whatever is good for your health, it is also beneficial for semen.

2. Eat plenty of Vitamin C and antioxidant foods:

An 8 oz 230 ml of glass orange juice contains 124 ml vitamin C, which is enough for one day.

3. Consume more of mineral zinc:

This increases the amount of sperm, number and testosterone. This will be fulfilled by eating walnuts, beans, oysters or chicken.

4. Take amino acids as supplements or as food:

Amino acids are found in some quantities of meat, fruits and vegetables, Amino Acid increases the amount of semen, and protects it from being thicker. Amino acids that you should include in the meal.

  • L-Carnitine is found in red meat and milk.
  • L-Arginine is found in dry fruits, sesame and eggs.
  • L-Lysine is found in milk and cheese.

5. Take folic acid supplements in your diet:

Folic acid (Vitamin B9) is helpful in increasing the amount of sperm. 400 grams of folic acid is found in green vegetables, legumes, cereals and orange juice.

6. Increase the daily intake of vitamin D and calcium:

You can take both of them as supplements, or you can synthesize Vitamin D by spending some time in the sun. By consuming curd, slim milk, salmon, you can meet the needs of Calcium and Vitamin D. If you spend much time in the sun, do not forget to put sunscreen on your body so that the effects of the sun’s harmful rays are less.

7. Eat Allicin:

It is found in garlic, Allicin is an organosulfur compound, which makes the amount of semen suitable for blood circulation in the sexual organ, increasing the amount of healthy sperm. Eat some new and interesting garlic-rich food or drink cloves and garlic teas in the morning.

8. Eat these meals that make sperm healthy:

If you want to see sperm shining with eyes, then use these things in your diet.

  • Goji berries (antioxidant)
  • Ginseng, Ashwagandha
  • Pumpkin seeds (omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Walnuts (omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Asparagus (Vitamin C)
  • Banana (Vitamin C)

Method 2: Lifestyle changes

1. Improve your lifestyle:

Lifestyle by which your body’s immune system decreases, the number of sperm can also be reduced. If you are trying to child, avoid smoking, drugs (other than prescribed medicines). Consult your doctor and take alcohol intake in very small amounts.

2. Wear loose clothes:

Wearing clothes that do not put pressure on your testicles. The heat is harmful to scrotum. Therefore wear loose clothing in which the air can enter. This is the only reason that the testicles are out of body, So that they stay coolness.

3. Skip the bicycle:

Bicycle seats are famous for reducing semen, if you think for a moment, you will feel why! Pressure, push and bounce-Semen does not like anything of these. Use the car or bus when there is a desire to generate more sperm.

4. Exit Hot Tub:

It is pleasant, but when you are lost in charming action, your testicles get warmed from heat. Leave the rest in the tub for another time.

5. Release stress:

Stress is murderous. However, you will handle it for some time, but your semen is not so strong. Stress reduces semen-producing hormones.

6. Check your weight:

More or less weight hormone impacts the operation of the procedure. Excessive amount of estrogen or testosterone deficiency can have a wrong effect on the amount of semen. Join the gym, and find new and interesting ways to encourage yourself so that you can achieve your weight loss goal.

7. Finish the consumption of steroids:

Although it will be helpful in creating your muscles, but it has a bad effect on your scrotum. Who would like to conform to the amount of sperm? Anabolic steroids are harmful to all your health.

8. Understand the need to rest:

Your body does most essential work in order of sleep, and it also contains the origin of semen. 8-hour sleep is a must when you want to increase the amount of semen.

9. Exercise PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscle):

PC muscles not only for more time intercourse it comes in handy but also increase the amount of semen. You can do lots of PC muscle exercises to satisfy your partner and get success in the birth of children.

10. Do not use lubricating substance while intercourse:

This can be useful in the order of action, but it is harmful for children’s happiness. Lubricant substances such as sputum, lotion, or jelly can stop semen activity. You can use certain types of lubricants such as PreSeed, which will have no effect on semen.

11. Keep yourself away from toxic chemicals and radiations:

Poisonous chemicals and radiation can cause permanent damage to your semen. If you are always using poisonous chemicals, then use defensive things (gloves, masks) to do so, so that you reduce the effects on your skin. Avoid places with radiation and keep it limited to its use of medical procedure.

12. Pay attention:

The advice given above will not only increase sperm count but also make it healthy and active. And with the fate of one sperm you will also get children happiness!