In removing tanning ice is more effective than scrub…

Snow to remove tanningSummertime has started, as well as sweating, tanning is also a common problem of this season. Despite using the sun screen and the most expensive beauty products, we people somewhere every and then, the victims of tanning tend to be. Today we are telling you a very simple way to avoid tanning. Whose name is Ice, snow does not work only to cold drinks and beer, rather it also tanning disappears from our skin. Let’s know how it works to remove tanning.

Use ice to massage

Yes, you are listening to the right, you have a very effective remedy to remove the tanning of the skin is snow. tanning gets rid of massage by ice, If you have tanning on your face only, So you can hold a piece of ice with any cotton cloth and massage the face with the light hands, that’s because you feel much cold to catching snow, With this body tanning can also be reduced by ice massage.
Get rid of oily skin
Massaging from face of the ice not only removes tanning, but it also has many other advantages for oily skin. By the ice, on the massage, Due to dust and clay, suddenly occurring acne, on the face, Becomes less, This is because the pores of the skin are reduced by shrinking the massage by ice, which also reduces the amount of oil in the skin.
Protect against prickly heat

In the heat of May-June in the summer there are also miliaria on the face of many people, To avoid this, the ice massage is also a boon, In any parts of the face or prickly heat, ice massage is of great benefit.

Dark circle contain over

Nowadays due to the running and stressful life people are finding a lack of comfort, its direct impact falls on the dark circle under the eyes, With light-handed massages on the dark circle from ice cubes, they get rid of them.