If you have a dry skin then never use these beauty product…

Never use on dry skin these products

We can understand the pain of some of your troubles and help you overcome them. One such problem is dry skin! The dry skin worries very much, and we are ready to use anything to get rid of it. But let us tell you that all skin is of different types and it changes according to time and weather. According to this change, you need to make changes to your cosmetics. Also, if your skin is rust, then you should never use some beauty products. So today we are telling you some such beauty products that should never be used by people with dry skin.

Alcohol or ethanol based toner

People with ruddy skin should not use alcohol or ethanol toner or any other product at all. Most toners present in the market contain ethanol and alcohol, so pay special attention while purchasing it. As an alternative you can use natural toner instead.

Use of scrubs

According to experts, if your skin is dry then you should not use any kind of scrub. It is better that you use a scrub once a week in which no granular item has been used. This is because such granular scrub can cause great damage to your skin.

Sodium lauryl sulphate Containing cleanser

In most of the cleanser products sodium lauryl sulphate in the form of, sulphate is used. These are actually sulfates foaming agents and can increase the stiffness of the skin. Therefore, use a natural face wash or cream based cleanser to avoid excess stiffness.

More use of sunscreen

Sunscreen containing gel can not hold on dry skin, so it is not effective for the dry skin appearing. It would be better to use cream-based products instead of gel-based sunscreen with those who have dry skin.