How to shape eyebrows…


Before you start shaping eyebrows, let us tell you how to shape eyebrows

Why women adjust eyebrows and how to shape eyebrows

Beautiful and correctly raised eyebrows make the face attractive and expressive. Agreed that it is more pleasant to see a woman with a clean eyebrow than a forest with overgrown forests. But, unfortunately, not all women have the skill to correct eyebrows properly, as a result, the entire image suffers from it.

Before you start shaping eyebrows, determine what shape your face is. For the first time, you can turn to a makeup artist, who will choose the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Then you can adjust them yourself. But for this you must have the necessary knowledge.

So, let’s decide what forms of eyebrows?

Since professional makeup artists divide the face into five types, the same number of eyebrow shapes exist, respectively.

  • Eyebrow shape – arc, but not too thin, for a square face
  • For a triangular face – raised with a smooth twist line,
  • Eyebrow shape for long face – straight,
  • Eyebrow shape for round face – raised with a break. The shape of such eyebrows looks like a house. The start should be wide, and the tip should be thin,
  • Eyebrow shape for an oval face – horizontal, slightly rounded. Eyebrows should be thinner than natural, otherwise the facial expression will be harsh.

As you can see, the shape of the eyebrows is chosen under the shape of the face, and anyone you like. If all your efforts have failed before, and you still do not know how to choose the right eyebrow shape, remember some rules that will help you achieve your desired result.

1. To begin with a pencil you need to determine the starting point of the eyebrow. To do this, horizontally attach a pencil to the wing of the nose and eyebrows. Mark in the pencil where the pencil crossed the eyebrow – this will be the beginning.

2. Then, using the same pencil, we are looking for the highest focal point. Attach the pencil to the nose and eyebrow feathers so that it intersects with the outer edge of the pupil. This point will help give your eyebrows a clean and smooth twist.

3. In the third stage, we look for the endpoint of the brow. Place the pencil from the center point on the wing of the nose to the end of the eyebrows so that the pencil passes through the outer edge of the eye. Mark the end of the brow with a full stop.

4. Now we check our measurements. The beginning and end of the eyebrow should be at the same level. If so, you did everything right.

5. One very important rule: the distance between the eyebrows should be within two fingers, not too much.

6. Following the indicated points, before you begin to pull out the eyebrows, draw the desired shape with a pencil. The hair is only down to pull out.

7. After shaping your eyebrows, treat them with an anti-inflammatory agent.

Many makeup artists answer the question of How to shape eyebrows, paying particular attention to the fact that if you overdo it and catch a couple more hair, then you can completely separate the eyebrows, Can get unnatural shape. There is an opinion that a woman’s character can be determined by eyebrows, so if you don’t want to spoil a good opinion about yourself, it is better to contact experienced makeup artists who help you make a beautiful eyebrow tattoo Will do and explain how to shape eyebrows.