How to remove mosquitoes in these summer…


How to remove mosquitoes

Measures to avoid mosquitoes

In the summer season not only does the heat bother at night but mosquitoes also do not leave any shortage in blowing your sleep. If you are sleeping outside at night, then mosquitoes can create trouble for you. Sometimes we use mosquito repellent for the protection of mosquitoes, either they do not have any effect on mosquitoes, or we start feeling suffocated by smoke. In such a way, these natural remedies can be very helpful to protect mosquitoes. These are not only economical but also have no harm to the health point of view.

Lets know how to remove mosquitoes from these natural remedies

Neem oil

The US National Research Council has also acknowledged in its research that neem oil is more effective than any repellent. Not only that, mosquitoes also come down by planting tree its. So bring neem oil from the market. And put them in the lamps and burn them to light. As long as lamps lighted up, one mosquito will not flutter around.

Clove oil

In many research it has been certified that mosquitoes run away from the smell of clove oil. Mix clove oil into coconut oil and apply it on the skin, its effect will not be less than odomos. Clove oil is also easily available in the market. To avoid mosquitoes, try the clove oil once and try.

Oregano powder

The celery placed in Masaladani in your kitchen can also save you from mosquitoes. Yes, according to a Thai research, the mosquitoes are away from the oregano. For this, first grind celery. At places where mosquitoes look more, spray the oregano in it or put the oregano powder.

Soybean oil

Soybean oil is used to eat in many people’s homes. These oils not only help to make your food delicious, but also save mosquito bites. For this, light skin massage with soybean oil. This will keep mosquitoes away. Apart from this, Eucalyptus oil is also very effective for this purpose.

Marigold flower

Who does not know about the orange flower of the lilies? The marigold flowers are used on all auspicious occasions. The aroma of marigold flowers not only fills you with freshness but the mosquito fades away too. Keep the marigold plant not only in your garden but also in the balcony, from which, do not enter the mosquito house during the evening.


The small garlic always found in the vegetable basket of our kitchen has many benefits. One of the benefits that few people know about is that it works to kill mosquitoes. The mosquitoes also keep away from chewing raw buds of garlic. This is due to the sharp odor of garlic.

Black pepper oil

Black pepper oil can help you to remove mosquitoes from like cloves oil. You put this oil on your skin and you will see the mosquito will not come near you.