How to make lip gloss at home?

Women are often scared of using lipsticks and lip gloss due to the fear of getting dark lips. Therefore, to make the lips beautiful, their tendency is more towards herbal products.

How to make lip gloss at home? Steps To Make Lip Gloss

If you are afraid to use the chemicals found in the market for lip gloss for your beautiful lips then do not have to worry. You can make lip gloss naturally at home. Lip gloss made at home gives your lips a soft and a beautiful look. If you want you can make any color by putting the color you want at home made lip gloss.

Essential goods for make lip gloss at home

B. Wax
Honey can be used for flavor and color.
Use food color for color.
Coconut oil, honey, lavender.
Small container.
Heat the B-Wax and Peppermint oil in a vessel and keep it running continuously. When the B-Wax melt completely, remove it from flame. If you can not find B-Wax easily or if any other problem is there, then use the petroleum jelly instead.
Remember, whenever you are putting any food color in B-Wax, So be B Wax is hot. By this, mix gets well in B-Wax, and color comes also.
Mix well with a spoonful of oil and food color in this mixture. If you want you can also add honey or vanilla flavors, which will make the lip gloss look bright, glowing.
Put this mixture in the fridge for 20 minutes and one hour.
Once the mixture is thickened, put it in the container. Your lip gloss is ready now. With this natural lip gloss, your lips will be protected from sun’s ultraviolet rays. Your lip will never be black.
To mix moisturizer in lip gloss you can use vitamin E. If you want menthol flavors, you can take a menthol flavor from a medical store.
Lip gloss is to be made containing SPF then can also use sunscreen. But before using sunscreen, check that it is good for lips or not.