How to make corrective makeup…


Corrective makeup

Everyone wants to look beautiful, but not everyone has a perfect look. But somewhere there is a some shortage left. You can use make-up to fulfill these shortcomings of the face. This kind of makeup is known as Corrective Makeup. Let’s Know Some Tips on Corrective Makeup

Choose the base for makeup always according to the skin. To find out which color foundation will be perfect on the skin, place a little foundation on the raised part of the cheek. Those women whose color is clear, use the skin matching foundation shade. Lighten in the day, and use dark shade Blush on at night.

Clean the face with cleansing milk, make toner and moisturizer, before making makeup. To hide flaws use a shade light to create a shade dark and beauty. If the face is round, then use dark shade on both cheeks. The face will look tall. If the nose is wide then use the dark shade on either side, the nose will look sharp already. Use under the chin dark shades to get rid of the problem of double chin.

The dark black eyes on the white color look very beautiful. Such women should wear cream-based concealer on the eyes. Insert a light shade eyeshadow. After this, by putting thick liner and thick kajal on the eyes, put on mascara. Katie eyes on wheat color, also looks good. For this, apply skin light-colored eyeshadow with long-eyed shadow brush. Move the liquid liner to the corner of the eye, putting it on the eyelash line, folding it upwards. You can thicken the line according to the choice.

To highlight the eyes, the silver color highlighter may be required. Place the bold liner on the upper and lower part of the eyes. A coat can also apply ‘magic mascara’. With a bold mascara, This look will look good both on the wheaten and dark colors. If you want to make thick eyes even more beautiful then apply the eyeliner outward. If the eyes are small then put a thin liner.

On the white color give baby pink look to the lips. For this leave a lip balm on the lips and leave it for a while, Then shape the lips with a light lip liner apply lipstick on the light pink color, insert shiny gloss over the top. If there is dark make-up on the eyes then light shed lipsticks or lip gloss on lips find only.

Insert hot pink or red color on wheat color. You can use pitch and brown shed in light shade on a dark color. Shape the thin lips from the lip liner outward, and then apply lipstick on them, the lips will look better and thicker than before. On the contrary, apply the foundation on thick lips and then lip line from inside and put gloss on it.

Stylish hair is important for attractive look. If the forehead is wide then it can be hidden by keeping the fringe. If the face is wide then it can be hidden on both sides by forwarding hair. Keep in mind, always make make-up from a well-known beauty expert, so that the beauty is always kept intact.