How to keep face skin in the summer moisturize…

Due to sweat and sunlight in the summer season, the skin moisture quickly goes away. Due to low moisture, the skin glow reduces. Like winter, it is very important to keep moisturizing the skin in the summer too. Beautician Shalini Chadha explains that sweating is more due to the heat season, due to which the skin becomes sticky. In such a way, people do not think it is okay to use moisturizers. Actually there are different moisturizers for summer, which are necessary to use. Apart from this, in order to moisturize the skin during this season, you should take care of some other things too.

Drink enough water to moisturize face skin in summer

Beauty expert Shalini explains that water is the most important thing for our body. The needs of the body water increases during the summer season. Due to lack of water in the body, it also affects the skin. If your body has enough water, then your skin will remain moisturize. So drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. Water exits toxins from the body, so drinking more water causes the skin to shine.

Put water based moisturizer

If you use the same moisturizer in the summer, which you used in winter, then your skin will become sticky. Moisturizers are of 2 types. First oil based moisturizer and second water based moisturizer. In the summer you should use water based moisturizing. It also retains the skin moisture and the skin is not even sticky.

Use sunscreen

Using sunscreen for skin in summer is very important. In this season before leaving house definitely need sunscreen and keep it together. Going to the sunlight without sunscreen will end your skin moisture and become a skin tan. Apart from this, harmful ultraviolet rays in the long run also increase the risk of skin cancer.

No soap, wash face always with face wash

The face skin is very sensitive and delicate so it should never use soap to wash face. For this, face wash is made for face skin, which is much safer on the skin of the face. Keep in mind that the use of mild face wash, rather than a highly chemical containing harsh face wash.

Do not rubbing the face clean

If you always want to keep your face bright, So should never rubbing your face to clean. After washing a bath or face wash, always should wipe out the face with soft towels. It keeps both skin moisture and glow.