How to keep children away from the stress of the result…

Result, and stress in children

Rohan, who lives in my neighborhood, is very tense about the results of his board, because his parents wish that his child should come first in the exam and score as much as possible. Although he believes that this desire is related to the dream of his golden future, and this dream is also natural. But he is feeling unnecessary pressure from him, and now when his result is coming, he is beginning to lose his discretion and patience. Do not know this problem how many rohan is who wait for the results of 10th and 12th. That’s why this time is to support the children, not to put more pressure on them. So let’s know how your child can be saved from the stress of board results.

From the stress of the result measures to keep children away

The results of this year’s tenth-twelfth results are going to come, at the time of 10th, 12th board exams, the situation is somewhat fragile, because this is the same turn, from where the child gets a direction for his further studies. In such a situation, there is a lot of stress in the children’s mind about the results. The paper is so good, but we wait with the result of stress and tension. Many times the child is not able to cope with the agony of not having good results and can not cope with family members’ displeasure. This situation not only leads to deep disappointment, depression, leaving the house and going somewhere but not many times to the brink of suicide. In such a situation it is necessary that parents stand with their child, motivate the child and provide emotional support.