Let us tell you how to increase height naturally..

How to increase height naturally

How to increase height? Some natural ways to increase height –

Beauty is measured in many scales and length is one of them. Be it a boy or a girl, everyone wants a long height. The average length of women in India is 152 cm and that of men is 165 cm. While the height of boys can increase to around 25 years, the height of girls can increase to around 21 years. After this, the height growth hormones start decreasing. This time the topic of our article is also how to increase height naturally at home. Now the question comes how to increase the length? Is there a natural way for this, then the answer is yes. Through this article, we will show how to increase height and give all kinds of information related to it. At the same time, if the height is not increasing due to some serious disease, then a checkup should be done by the doctor in that condition.

Reasons affecting height –

Whether your height is small or big, it depends on two main reasons – genetic and non-genetic.

Genetic: Our length depends to some extent on genes. If one’s family is short, then their children may be short. Although this does not happen in every case, it is more likely to happen. We must admit that the genetic factor is not in our hands. It has been found that 60-70 percent difference in height is genetic.

Estimated height can be measured as:

  • You add the height of your parents in inches or centimeters.
  • If you are a male, add five inches to it and if you are a female, reduce it by five inches.
  • Now whatever number comes, divide it by two.
  • The figure that comes after this may be your estimated height. Four inches of it may be more or less.

Non-genetic: Non-genetic factors can be of many types, which prevent growth in height.

  • Lack of nutritious elements in food.
  • Avoiding physical activity.
  • Do not pay attention to the right posture while getting up, sitting and walking.
  • To suffer from some serious illness in childhood.
  • Mentally unwell in adolescence.
  • Where we are living and how the environment is there, it can also affect the height.
  • A decrease in thyroid hormones and growth hormones can also have an effect on increasing height.
  • Going to the gym at a young age, lifting weights also stops height.

Note: Of course, no one can control the genetic factor, but by giving the child a balanced and good lifestyle from the beginning, the effect of non-genetic factor can be prevented.

Now you will ask how to increase the height, then in this regard we are giving some natural remedies.

How to increase height naturally

How to Increase Height Naturally –

1. Food and drink –

Balanced eating is the most important to stay healthy. Our body gets all the nutrients from it. If you want a good height, stay away from junk food. Also, avoid carbonated beverages, fat foods and excessive sweet things. All these have a bad effect on our body. For balanced and healthy development, we should consume foods containing vitamins and minerals. Here we are talking about some such food items, which can be achieved by eating good health and tall stature.

  • Vitamin-D and protein are particularly needed for the development of hormones in the body. With this our teeth and bones develop properly. You will find all these ingredients in cottage cheese, legumes, soybeans, lean meat and white eggs etc. Be sure to include these foods in your daily diet.
  • Consuming zinc-rich foods is also beneficial. Especially, zinc plays an important role in children’s development. Zinc is found in abundance in chocolate, eggs, oysters (peach) and peanuts.
  • Adequate calcium is found in green vegetables and dairy products. Calcium is considered essential for physical development and bones. Women need it most.
  • For balanced development of the body, intake of magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates and other vitamins is also necessary. A limited amount of supplements can also be taken with catering. The intake of essential nutrients is also provided by their consumption.
  • We should not forget that if our metabolic system is not good, then eat and drink anything, it will not affect the body. Therefore, it is better to eat more in one go, eat a little in the day and five to six times a day. This will improve metabolic levels and make food easily digested. As a result fat will not accumulate in the body and there will be no problem in increasing height.

2. Exercise and sports –

One of the ways to grow taller is to keep yourself physically healthy. This is the natural way to grow tall. For this you should exercise regularly. When you are involved in such physical activities, the body needs more nutrients. This makes the hormones active in increasing the height.

By playing sports like aerobics, tennis, cricket, football and basketball, the body becomes active and development is good. According to Spanish studies, there is a direct relationship between physical activity and bone development. When we play this type of sport, our muscles are also strong, which helps to increase height. Therefore, ways of increasing height make exercise and sports a part of your daily routine.

It is believed that there is no better physical activity than hydrotherapy. While swimming, all body parts work and muscles are strong. Therefore, if the child is started to learn swimming from the beginning, the height can be affected.

Various stretching exercises can be tried to increase the length. If you do these exercises for about 15 minutes every day, then it is enough.

Apart from these, hanging is the most efficient way to increase height. Although there may be some problems in the beginning, practicing it daily will make it easier to do it. You start it for about 15 seconds and slowly take it for five minutes.

3. Yoga practice –

Yoga has been considered important in Indian culture. It is said that any type of disease or problem can be cured by practicing yoga. Similarly, yoga can be used to increase the height. This is very easy to do. There are some special yogasanas for increasing the height, which activate the hormones that increase height. By doing Trikonasana, Bhujangasana, Sukhasana, Vrikshasana, Natarajasana, Marjari Asana and Surya Namaskar, the muscles are strengthened and the body’s posture gets in the right shape.

4. Full Sleep –

Along with balanced diet, yoga and exercise, complete sleep is also necessary for the complete development of the body. It is believed that when we are in deep sleep, human growth hormones are produced naturally in our body at that time. At the same time, it is considered necessary for children to get 8–11 hours of sleep every night to get good length. One thing to note here, whether children or adults, everyone should sleep in a quiet environment to get enough sleep. This gives the body complete rest and produces good tissue. Therefore, sleep is a great way to get longer. Here we are giving some important tips to get better sleep.

  • If you take a bath with lukewarm water before bedtime, then it can lead to good sleep.
  • You can drink a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed at night. Drinking it will not take you time to go to deep sleep.

5. Correct Posture –

Body posture also plays an important role in getting tall. Therefore, children should be taught to get up and sit and walk in the correct posture from the beginning. Not only the children, but everyone’s posture must be correct. With this, you will not only look tall, but will also look beautiful and confident. Here we are telling how you can keep your posture right.

  • You should always sit upright in the chair, shoulders should be straight and chin upwards.
  • Never bend, always be straight. If the spine is straight and the waist is strong, it is easy to increase the length.
  • Try not to have your neck and head bent or bent on one side.
  • Always use a good quality pillow and mattress, so that the shape of the spine is not damaged.
  • Keep in mind that your shoulders should not remain in a stable position while walking. Also, the shoulders should not be bent or bent to one side.

6. Immunity system –

Often, children get some diseases that affect their physical development. Usually, this disease is caused by not working properly. Therefore, it is important that children are given nutritious food to eat and should be kept away from junk food. If you eat well, your immune system will also be good. For this, fresh fruits-vegetables, legumes and nutritious grains should be included in the diet. They contain abundant anti-oxidant and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for good health, development and immune system. It is also important in the way of increasing the height.

7. Say No to Alcohol and Tobacco –

Consuming alcohol, tobacco and smoking is not good in any way. Consuming this messes up the immune system and adversely affects the digestive system. Consumption of alcohol does not allow muscles to develop properly and the body does not get enough protein. In addition, growth hormones are also affected. As we have mentioned earlier in this article that growth hormones are produced naturally at bedtime, but these hormones do not develop due to consumption of alcohol. As a result, the body does not develop properly. Now next time someone asks you how to increase the length, then tell him about all these measures.

As a way to grow longer, we are giving some other tips.

Some other ways to increase height –

Here we are mentioning other tips to increase the height, which you may find strange in listening and reading, but are of great use. Try them once, believe me, you will definitely benefit.

1. Vitamin-D:

Sunlight has been considered the best source of Vitamin-D. Three types of ultraviolet rays emanate from the sun, which we know as ultraviolet A, B and C. Of these, Ultraviolet B is considered good for us. Scientists say that from 11 am to 1 pm during the day, Ultraviolet B has the greatest effect. During this time, walking in the sun for a while, the body gets enough vitamin-D, which helps in physical development.

2. Water:

So far you must have thought that water quenches thirst and keeps us hydrated, but perhaps you do not know that water is very important for physical development. Not only do we get plenty of nutrition from water, but all the parts of the body are able to function properly. Skin, teeth, bones, joints, brain and digestive system are needed for everyone. Water strengthens the bones, so that they develop properly and strengthens the joints, so that they continue to function properly with increasing age. Therefore, now whenever you drink water, keep all these things in mind.

3. Avoiding stress:

The simplest and obvious answer to how to increase length is release from stress. The root cause of almost every problem is stress. The more you stay away from it, the better. It is also said that anxiety is a pyre Hormones are badly affected in our body due to our stress. Growth hormone is also one of them. Therefore, instead of living under stress, always look confident. When you are full of positive energy, the hormones work better and the body’s posture is also correct.

4. Use Shoe Lifts:

You may find this method strange, but if you can use it to increase actor height in movies, why not you. Although it is not a permanent solution, it can be used to increase a few inches height in everyday life.

5. Clothes will increase height:

There is no doubt that some clothes and colors are such that wearing them makes our height look a bit longer. People of shorter height should wear light or light dark clothes. Try whatever clothes you wear, they are same color or similar. Like if they are wearing pant-shirts, they should be almost like that. Due to the different color of the clothes, the body is divided into two parts and the height seems to be reduced. In addition, if possible, the design should be the same. Also, these clothes should be fitting rather than loose. By doing this, the height can look a bit long. At the same time, to make girls of low height look a bit tall, hair should be kept short.

6. Eating on time:

Often people do not make food and drink rules. Whenever they feel hungry, they eat anything. If you want to increase your height, then eat at a fixed time and have a balanced diet. We have mentioned in detail in the article above about what you should eat to increase height.

7. Avoiding medicines:

There are many medicines and steroids available in the market, those who claim to increase height rapidly, but it is not right to trust them. It is difficult to say whether taking them increases the length or not, but the health definitely worsens.

Now you must have realized that increasing the height is not a difficult task. All that is needed is to pay attention to small things and to make your routine better and balanced. So what is the delay, try the tips mentioned here and increase your height like others. Now if someone asks you what are the measures for getting tall, So say him to read this article.