How to get white skin…


Who does not like fair complexion, but sometimes due to environment, sunlight, pollution, less care, your color gets darker and beautiful skin hides under this layer. But there is a way to this. Learn how to blonde color can be found throughout the week.

Let us tell you how to get white skin

1. Lemon –

Lemon is very helpful in lightening your color and deep cleansing. It can also remove your skin stains and make them spotless. Lemon juice mixed with gram flour or cucumber juice and apply it, see the difference within a few days.

2. Turmeric –

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a natural way of refining the skin. Mixing it with raw milk and applying it on the face will brighten your complexion within a few days.

3. Gram flour –

Gram flour is used as a natural and effective face pack. Depending on the type of skin, mix milk or curd and mix a small amount of turmeric and use it. If you want can also add lemon or tomato juice.

4. Sandalwood powder –

Sandalwood powder or paste made by grinding sandalwood, it is a very effective way to refine your complexion. It also gradually reduces the stains of your skin and gives unstained blondeness.