How to do skin care at home…

Often people think, of the expensive products of the market as soon as they mention the skin care, but have you ever thought about the use of cosmetics made of natural things at home, these cosmetics are spotless clean skin to you without any side effects.

Beauty is scattered in the particles of nature, and the natural remedies from the adoption of this nature can make you so beautiful, getting beauty is a journey and it has to move step by step.

The first step for skin care is the cleaning of the face i.e clearing, every day the skin comes in contact with dust and soil pollution, which can not be cleaned with water only, if the skin is not cleaned every day, then the hair follicles are closed, due to sunlight and pollution, skin becomes lifeless, tan and wrinkles, know how easy tips for daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing at home with us.


Can use a home-made cleanser to clean the face naturally. Mix cucumber juice with a little milk and put it on the face. It will work as a natural cleanser. Also, apply mashed bananas on the face for about 20 minutes. It is extremely beneficial for dry skin.


After cleansing the skin needs toning, excessive oil secretion in the skin is controlled by toning and the dirt stored due to dust and soil in the skin is also clean. Given the type of skin, the skin cleansing and toning. for this, papaya and cucumbers, tomato juice and banana pulp can also be planted.


Scrubbing is also a good solution for skin cleansing, it easily removes the outer dead layer of the skin, as well as opens the closed pore follicles due to the flow of extra sebum so that blackheads can not be formed, the sebum is the natural moisturizer of the skin. Scrubbing increases blood circulation and flexibility of the skin; Ready paste make a scrub of face with a few drops of essential Oil and milk in orange peel powder, this will make the skin clean.


To maintain skin moisture, it is necessary to use the moisturizer, it keeps the skin soft and tender, blend together avocado, honey, lemon juice and curd, blend this mixture well so that it becomes like cream. Then keep in the fridge for half an hour, then massage in faces and neck, It retains your skin moisture and keeps it smooth and dry.

Face pack

There is no better option than face pack to make a bright and crispy lifeless skin color and make it beautiful in pinches. It not only makes the skin beautiful from inside, but also helps to clean it. Mix well by adding tomato paste and four-five drop lemon juice in a bowl. With the help of your fingertips, put this mixture on face and massage the face with light hands. Leave this face pack for 15 minutes on face and then clean the face, With this face pack, the skin of the face will come in a tightening and the skin becomes soft and shiny.