How To Detangle Hair

How To Detangle Hair
The cardinal rule when trying to detangle hair wet or dry is to brush or comb in small sections, starting at the ends and slowly and very gently working your way up.

Does your hair get very tangled in the wind or after washing? Are they too difficult to solve? Yes, then this article is for you.

If the hair is long and tangled, then this problem seems even bigger. Whether the hair is long or short, due to tangled hair, there is also more hair fall. If you want to deal with tangled hair in a safe way, that is, without causing any damage to the hair, then follow the steps mentioned in this article thoroughly. With the help of these remedies, you will always be able to untangle your hair easily.

So let’s tell you how to solve tangled hair and the ways, methods, and tips to solve tangled hair.

Best Way To Detangle Hair

  • When detangling dry hair, you can use your fingers, a wide comb, or a paddle brush.
  • To detangle the hair, make two sections of hair from the middle. Then divide the hair into two parts from the back of the head as well. Now tie the parted hair with a rubber band. This will make the hair easier to grasp. If your hair is thick or tangled, you can divide your hair into more than four sections. You can also use hair spray to detangle the hair.
  • After dividing the hair into four parts, detangle them one by one. Grab the hair that seems tangled to you and try to untangle it with your fingers. If even then the hair does not settle, then with the help of a thumbnail, open the knot in the hair easily.
  • Once you have detangled the hair with your fingers, then start combing the hair with the help of a wide comb.

Then when the work of detangling the hair with the wide comb is over, then use the thin tooth comb again.

Once you’ve untangled one side of your hair, tie it back with a hairpin. Continue to untangle other parts of the hair in the same manner as described above.

Hair Oil For Detangle Hair

  • To detangle the hair, take the oil on your fingers

You can use avocado oil or coconut oil to detangle the hair. Take oil on your fingers and then run your fingers through the matted hair.

  • Use latex gloves

With the help of these gloves, your hands will slip into the hair, which will easily unravel the tangled hair. It is a bit difficult to untangle tangled hair with empty hands. Latex gloves will save you time and prevent damage to your hair.

What to do if your hair is tangled when wet

  • Shampoo the hair

Just like we have told you the way to divide the hair into four parts, in the same way, divide the hair into four parts. Then wash the hair with shampoo in the same way.

  • Use conditioner

If you have dry or normal hair, then after washing your hair with shampoo, apply a leave-in conditioner (no water is used after applying it). If you have oily hair, apply conditioner to the hair in only two-thirds of the way before shampooing. Then shampoo the hair.

  • Towels should not be used to wipe wet hair

Never wipe wet hair by rubbing it. Scrubbing with a towel will make your hair dry and may even get tangled. Dab the wet hair with a towel, this way the water from the hair will be easily absorbed in the towel. After drying the hair, start detangling the hair according to the procedure mentioned above.

Hair Detangling Tips

  • Detangle tangled hair with fingers

When your hair is tangled, use your fingers first instead of using a hair comb or hair brush. Run your fingers through your tangled hair. In this way, you get rid of excess knots in the hair. Be careful not to apply too much force to open the knot.

  • Use a wide comb to detangle the hair.

Use a wide comb made from natural materials, such as wood. This will reduce the build-up of static energy (the energy produced by the friction between the hair and the comb) and keep your hair soft forever. Never use a comb on wet hair, it can increase the chances of hair tangling.

  • To solve tangled hair, divide them into parts –

To detangle tangled hair, always start from the middle of the hair and then work it out till the ends of the hair. Apart from this, you can also detangle the hair by dividing it into four parts.

How To Detangle Hair In The Best Way

  • To detangle hair, apply conditioner or hair serum after shampooing.

Always use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum after shampooing your hair. Hair serum is used after wiping the hair with a towel and before combing the hair. Apart from this, by applying a leave-in conditioner to the hair, your hair does not become dry and they do not get tangled either.

  • Use a satin pillow to keep your hair from getting tangled.

Always use a satin fabric pillow cover for your pillow. This way, when you are sleeping, static energy will not increase in your hair and the hair will not become more tangled. Never lay a cotton cloth pillow cover.

  • To prevent the tangling of hair, divide the hair into parts and wash it.

If possible, do not wash the hair by opening it, but tie the hair and wash it. This way your hair will not get tangled. Washing hair by tying it is considered the best natural way.

  • To detangle the hair, apply a thicker conditioner –

To detangle hair, use a cholesterol-based or heavy conditioner to make the detangling process a little easier. It is recommended to detangle dry, stretchy, and oily hair naturally as untangled hair can cause it to contraction, causing it to tangle again after drying.

Hair Straightening Tips

  • Haircut to fix tangled hair

If you have bad hair, your hair may get tangled very quickly. The only remedy for this is that you keep your hair cut from time to time. This way your hair will remain soft and there will be less tangling. Also, by cutting hair, there is no problem with two-faced hair.

Use conditioner after shampoo to detangle frizzy hair.

Keep in mind that always apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. For best results, read the instructions on the conditioner bottle carefully. By applying conditioner, your hair does not get tangled and remains soft.

  • Apply oil to tangled hair daily

Apply lukewarm oil to your hair regularly. After applying the oil, tie the hair with a warm towel. This way the oil in your hair will reach the roots. With this remedy, your hair follicles are fine and the moisture in the hair also remains. Your hair does not get damaged by applying oil and if the hair is not spoiled then it will not get too tangled.