How start the relationship with your crush…

Many times you are so impressed with someone’s personality and nature that you feel good about her presence, Often in the office, college, or people around you, when someone is your crush, you are afraid to tell or talk to them, because of this fear a beautiful relationship breaks down even before the beginning. If you too are not able to tell about your crush, your heart because of such fear. So we are telling you some such tips, from which you can extend friendship to them and they will not feel bad.

Get some information about your crush

First get a little bit about your crush background. For this you can resort to common friends, social platforms or neighbors. This will give you an idea of ​​its background and it will be easy for you to increase your friendship. If you can find out, then find out how their personality is and how they like people. Based on the above questions, you will understand that it will be appropriate to invest emotions and time on them or not.

Little smile

Before the onset of friendship you need to remain in their eyes. For this, whenever you meet or eyes contact, give a light smile. But note that after the smile you will be busy in your work. By paying attention to them again and again you will seem cheap and they may find these actions wrong.

Social platform

If you and both are on Facebook, then ‘like’ their Facebook status, Yes, if you have not talked to them then just ‘like’ do it, do not do any comments. Straight commenting makes you will seem little cheap. After some time, you can send him a friend request, When talks are some handle, then.

From hello, start the beginning

If they answer your smile with a smile, then should have a proposal for friendship, by saying hello or hi. But if they get uncomfortable seeing you, then you should not bother them again and again. Any conversation should start with a hello / hi. “Hi” is a word that does not know that are how many new relationships start in the world.

Always start with sensible talk

Start with a sensible talk, because the first question from crush is extremely important. Many times people ask for such questions in haste, which have nothing to do with the surrounding circumstances. It has a very bad impression. Do not ask for phone numbers, addresses, etc. in the first meeting, but talk about likes and dislikes and future plans. It has a good impression.

And the most important thing in the last

Keep in mind that if you like someone, those do not necessarily like you too. Therefore, if they do not want to keep friendship with you, then you should discontinue your efforts while respecting their feelings and freedom. Having someone unnecessarily bothered or inconvenienced makes your image worse in their eyes and the possibilities of friendship also end.