How diabetes controls insulin, Know why is it necessary?

A recent research has revealed that by the year 2030, the number of patients of Type 2 diabetes will increase from 40.56 crores to 51 crores, but the worst news is that due to the number of growing diabetic patients, the availability of insulin Will start getting delayed Due to insulin supply and increasing demand, many diabetic patients will have many problems in the treatment. In fact, the availability of insulin has decreased in countries such as the US, and prices are rising in the international market, which is a matter of concern.

Type 2 diabetes is spreading rapidly across the world, which is related to the lack of obesity and exertion. The changing lifestyle of people is the biggest cause of type 2 diabetes. Let’s know why insulin is so important.

What is insulin?

Insulin is a type of hormone produced by pancreatic. The pancreatic stops functioning when diabetes occurs, which inhibit the formation of insulin in the body and also controls the control of glucose and sugar in the body. Insulin injections are given to control the sugar.

Why is insulin necessary for type 2?

If diabetes is not controlled through diet, lifestyle and medicines, insulin therapy is supported. Diabetic patients have to take insulin a few years after diagnosing the disease. The main reason for this is the production of insulin in the pancreatic pancreatic phenomenon. It is given to balance the amount of insulin in the body. If the patient does not keep diabetes in control then it can affect his heart, kidney, eye and nervous system.

How Does Insulin Therapy Help?

Insulin that comes out of Pancreatitis maintains your blood sugar in the normal range. Your body responds to your own sugar level and it keeps releasing bolus insulin in a small amount throughout the day, so that you can control blood sugar during and during the night. When you eat something, it produces bolus insulin instead of sugar that has come to your food.

Insulin taken through injection or insulin pumps shows the same effect as natural insulin on the body. This helps in reducing high blood sugar by estimating the level of normal insulin. For this, it is important to include the following charges in your insulin therapy.

There are four types of insulin

There are also four types of insulin. The type of every insulin depends on its time duration. If you want insulin to start showing its effect immediately, then insulin starts functioning in about 15 minutes of taking the injection. And after an hour it has the effect of seeing. Works for one to four hours.