How to delay periods ..

How to delay periods naturally

Let’s know on this article of my health only, How to delay periods

You should always keep an eye on your menstrual cycles. But there are times when we have a special holiday or a festival or maybe some other reason and your period is the last thing you want to deal with! Periods can wreak havoc on our emotional state and we will not even start talking about the physical pain that causes us! Period cramps and mood swings can ruin a very well planned week.

This way you can naturally delay your periods

So what can be done to avoid surprising us on our special days? Delayed them. Yes, but taking pills to delay periods can make them worse due to hormonal doses later. So we thought of bringing to you the top 10 methods that can naturally delay your period. Please note, these measures should be followed at least a fortnight before your date for best results.

11 ways you can delay periods without medication

  • Gelatin

A mixture of a packaged gelatin and a cup of water helps to delay periods. It is a Chinese technique to delay your periods from a few hours to a week. Drinking this solution slows down the menstrual process causing delays in periods.

  • Papaya

You may have heard of pregnant women refraining from eating papaya, this is because papayas are rich in carotene which increases estrogen levels in the body causing changes in uterine blood flow that can lead to miscarriages in pregnant women. But if you want to delay your period then papaya can help you because they are safe and natural.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamins and citric acid as the intake of lime juice before the period can delay them and also make your flow lighter and reduce the complexity of periods during your cycle. Drinking lime juice a few days before your expected period can delay them without any problems.

  • Raspberry leaves

Like lemon juice, raspberry leaves are an abundant source of vitamin C which helps to shorten your period by slowing down the menstrual process. Raspberry leaf tea is also very beneficial during periods as it contains fragarine and alkaloids that reduce cramps by toning and relaxing the uterus. Raspberry leaf tea helps in reducing PMS, cramps, nausea and keeps you high on energy and makes your immune system strong.

  • Uterine massage

Massaging the oil on your stomach helps to reduce the menstrual pain during your cycle along with the delay. But this technique only works when the message is done correctly, so it is recommended to seek professional help.

Foods to delay periods
  • Apple vinegar

Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with water daily for 10 days before your periods. There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar and some include getting rid of some excess fat and toxins from the body.

  • Mustard seeds

Mix 2 teaspoons of mustard powder in one cup of hot milk and drink it a week before the periods delay them.

  • Parsley leaves

Parsley leaves are also rich in vitamin B12, vitamin K and C. Boiling some leaves of parsley in water and consuming it twice daily after cooling delays your period and removes excess toxins from the body.

  • Exercise

Periods can be delayed by changing your lifestyle habits. If you start doing some intense workouts just before your periods, it can signal your brain to delay periods. Intensive exercise regime puts stress on the body to perform different tasks that press for your time.

  • Eat pulses

Pulses are a staple in the Indian diet. Pulses help in keeping your periods right. Lentils are high in minerals, potassium and fiber, which disrupt the menstrual cycle and also help to heal other related periods at the same time.

You can take the pulses in powder form with a glass of lukewarm water. You can have it as a soup.

  • Avoid spicy foods

Eating spicy foods improves blood flow and starts your menstruation. But if you want to do the opposite, avoid spicy foods like chilli, and garlic. The best way would be to completely eliminate these spicy foods a few days before your period date.