How to Apply Mascara..

How to Apply Mascara

Let us tell you the useful tips on how to apply mascara after this you will be able to apply mascara correctly.

Makeup plays an important role in enhancing and highlighting the beauty of the face. The beauty of the entire face depends on the makeup of the eyes especially. Kajal in the eyes, conditioned big eyelids and eye shadow chosen according to the dress can add beauty to the daily or party look. The use of mascara in makeup to enhance the beauty of the eyes is also considered effective, provided that the method of applying mascara should be correct. In this article of My Health Only, know how mascara can be used to make eyelashes look beautiful, dense and big. In addition, the method of applying mascara, precautions and tips are also discussed in this article.

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Let us first know what things are required to apply mascara.

What do you need to apply mascara correctly?

The following ingredients are needed to apply mascara –

  • Your favorite mascara
  • Primer for eyes
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara brush
  • Eyelash curler

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Let us now know how to prepare the eyes before applying mascara.

How to prepare your eyes before applying mascara?

Before applying the mascara, complete the other makeup applied to the eyes first. After the complete makeup of the eyes, it is always best to apply mascara. Let us know below how to prepare ready to apply mascara on the eyelids.

1. Apply primer –

it is very important to prepare the eyes for makeup. For this, first remove the marks of old make-up thoroughly. Then apply a light moisturizer to the eyes and then use primer. Applying primer is important because it gives the makeup a plane base to last longer. When applying any product on the primer, it emerges because it can brighten the skin.

2. Eye shadow –

After this, apply eye shadow of your choice. Always apply eye shadow matching your makeup and dress. If women want their eyelashes to look more dense and attractive, they can use neutral shades or light nude shades.

3. Eye liner –

Eyeliner is also necessary for beautiful eyes. The complete makeup look depends on the finishing of the eye liner, so it is advisable to use it after knowing the correct method of applying the liner to the eyes. Nowadays some bold colors like blue and green liner are also in trend along with black. You can use them as per your choice.

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After applying these three, now we know further How to Apply Mascara Like a Professional.

How to Apply Mascara Like a Professional

The right way to apply mascara –

To put the mascara properly, it is important to keep some things in mind, which we are going to explain below.

1. Choose the right mascara – There are many options of mascara in the market, but not all products can be considered good. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right mascara. Keep the following points in mind to buy a suitable mascara for yourself.

  • There are many color mascaras available in the market, you can choose any color of your choice. By the way, the black mascara gives the eyes a more trendy and shiny look.
  • Before buying a mascara, make sure that what you need. Do you want to make the eyelashes look tall or do you want to make them thick and dark. Ask these questions yourself, then buy mascara according to your preference.
  • Water can appear in the eyes at any time. Sweating can also spoil the mascara, so buy a mascara that suits you and is also waterproof. Yes, if you want to apply mascara everyday, do not apply waterproof mascara, which can spoil eyelids.

2. Curl the eyelids – To apply mascara, it is necessary to curl the eyelids. For this, use a good Lashes curler. Press the Lashes curler under the upper eyelid. Hold it for a few seconds to curl well.

3. Take the mascara on the mascara wand – usually comes mascara brush with mascara. Take mascara on this brush. Keep in mind, if the mascara gets too much on the brush, then remove it on the top of the mascara vial, so that it goes back into the vial.

4. Apply first coat on the eyelids – Now apply a mascara from the roots to the ends on the upper eyelid with a mascara brush. There is more mascara in the roots of the eyelids and less on the ends. This will make your eyelids hair look thick and different.

5. Do the same for the lower eyelids – apply a mascara to the lower eyelids with the help of a brush. Apply mascara very carefully from the roots to the ends. The lower eyelids are short, so use the front of the brush to apply mascara on them, where the fibers of the brush are small and fine.

6. Take it out excess product from the brush – If the volume of mascara on the eyelids is high, remove the extra mascara from the eyelids with a clean brush. A mascara gathered from this place will spread well on the eyelids and stick.

7. Apply another coat – You can also apply a second coat of mascara to make the eyelids look more black. By the way, there is little need to re-apply good quality mascaras.

8. Re-curl if needed – Lashes curler can be used once more at the end to give the eyelids finishing. In this way, the right way to apply mascara can give you a perfect look.

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Let us now know what precautions should be taken while applying mascara.

Some more tips and precautions to apply mascara –

After knowing how to apply mascara, take special care of some things like:

  • When take it out the mascara in a tube, bottle or vial of mascara do not let the brush in and out like a pump again and again, Because it can fill air in the tube and clumps can formed in your precious product.
  • To make the eyelids appear thicker, curl them before applying the mascara and after the mascara has dried.
  • A lot of brushes are available to apply mascara, so buy a thin, thick or long brush according to your eyelashes.
  • Before buying the mascara, check its expiry date and also check that there is no dry mascara in it.
  • If the eye lashes are large and dense, then you use Transparent (without color) mascara. This will make your eyelashes look clean and beautiful.
  • Women wearing contact lenses wear lenses first, then apply mascara.
  • Apply at least two to three coats of mascara to highlight eyelids.
  • Do not apply mascara in case of allergic problems in the eyes.
  • If there are dark circles under the eyes, avoid applying mascara on the lower eyelids.

In this article you learned how to apply mascara. Hope that you will like this information given in a sequential manner. Every woman is beautiful in herself, but this beauty can be further enhanced with a little makeup. Mascara does the same thing. Along with makeup, it is important to pay attention to eye health as well. Buying the right beauty product is the first step in this direction. Therefore, before applying anything to the eyes, do a thorough examination of the product. For more information related to eyes, makeup and beauty, read our other articles.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q – How to use mascara to make eyelashes look long?

A – To make the eyelashes look long, always apply mascara from the roots to the ends, looking upwards. Apply two to three coats of this.

Q – How to prevent mascara from spreading on the upper part of the eyes?

A – For this, you wipe off the extra mascara with a mascara brush, then apply on the eyelids. After drying one coat, apply another coat.

Q – How to stop the hand from trembling while applying mascara?

A – While applying the mascara, rest your elbow on a table or wall, this will not make the hand tremble.

Q – How to apply mascara to look eyelashes thick?

A – Use volumizing mascara and apply at least two coats to look your eyelashes thick.