How to Apply Concealer..

How to Apply Concealer the Right Way

Let us tell you the useful tips on how to apply concealer after this you will be able to apply concealer correctly.

What is concealer and how to apply concealer –

Are you tired of using heavy foundation to hide the stubborn black circles of face, but they do not take the name of disappearance? If so, do not panic. We have an effective solution to this problem, Concealer. Yes, you heard it right. Concealer is the most effective makeup product to hide dark circles, spots and pimples. In this article of My Health Only, know the method of applying step by step concealer and the precautions to be taken while applying it.

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First of all, know how the concealer is chosen according to the skin?

How to choose a concealer according to skin type?

The main function of the concealer is to improve the tone of the darker parts of the skin. It can also be used to hide dark circles, pimples and dark spots around the nose and mouth, along with dark circles. Concealer is particularly of two types, which can be used for different skin types. Both types of concealer are explained in detail below.

1. Cream Concealer

Suitable for what type of skin: normal to oily skin.

The texture of this type of concealer is creamy. It works well for normal to oily skin. Being creamy, it can help in covering full coverage of dark circles. Such concealer can also be used to correct decoloration with dark circles.

2. Liquid Concealer

Suitable for what type of skin: dry to combination skin.

These are liquid in concealer texture, they can be used for dry skin. They are very light weight and can be helpful in keeping the skin moist. It is easy to apply and blend into the skin. Being liquid, they are easily absorbed into the skin and can help give light to full coverage on dark spots.

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Before understanding how to apply concealer, know further what color concealer should be used for which type of problem.

How to choose a concealer according to the problem?

Concealer can also be used for other facial problems (dark skin, pimples and dark spots) with dark circles, as we have mentioned. Concealer of different colors is used for all these problems. These are also commonly called color corrector. If someone has a variety of problems, multiple colors of color corrector can be used on the same face. All these are explained in detail below.

1. For dark circles

In some types of dark circles, the skin under the eyes turns blue. For this type of problem, mixing the color corrector of orange and yellow color can be used. These will help to remedy dark circles by improving the tone of the under eye. If the skin tone is lighter then a lighter shade of these colors will be used. At the same time, if someone’s skin color is dark, then dark shades of these colors will be used.

2. For Acne

Acne and the skin around it often turn red. In such a situation, green color corrector can be used for the skin there. This helps in normalizing the redness of the affected area.

3. For dark spots

For dark spots, it can be applied by mixing a color corrector of orange or peach color with a simple concealer. They help to hide dark spots caused by acne, pigmentation or any other reason and to improve skin color.

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The next part of the article describes how to apply concealer.

How to Apply Concealer the Right Way

Right way to apply concealer –

Below is the method of applying step by step concealer, with the help of which a concealer can be applied like a professional makeup artist.

1. Get your face ready

First of all wash the face with a face wash and exfoliate with a scrub. Now tap it with a towel and wipe it and apply moisturizer. Now apply the primer on the face, following the correct method of applying primer. This will help make the makeup last longer.

2. Hide Dark Circles

Now mix the color corrector of orange and yellow, apply it on the black circles under the eyes. For this, draw a line from it under the eyes and then make a V-shape, bringing the concealer towards the cheeks according to the length of the dark circle. This will provide full coverage. Now pat it with the help of beauty blender and blend it.

3. Redness around nose

If there are pimples on the face or the skin around the nose has turned red, use a green color corrector. Apply it on the affected area with the help of finger and pat it with the help of beauty blender and blend it.

4. For Dark Spots

For dark spots, stains or any other marks on any part of the skin, apply an orange or peach color color according to your skin tone. Apply a small amount of it to the affected area with the help of fingers or brush and then blend it.

5. Set makeup

After covering the dark spots of the entire face with different color color corrector, the face may look colored. There is no reason to panic. In this case, apply a small amount of foundation on your face and blend it on the face with the help of a beauty blender. Even after this, if dark circles or dark spots are visible, then with the help of liquid concealer you can cover them. Finally, set up your makeup with the help of loose powder.

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Next we will tell whether the foundation can be used instead of the concealer?

Can Concealer be used as foundation?

Many people think that the concealer can also be used as a foundation, but it is not. Actually, both are used for different things. While the concealer helps hide dark circles and dark spots on one side, the foundation creates a base for makeup.

Pro-Tip – You can use Complexion Care Cream if you do not want to use heavy foundation.

After knowing how to apply concealer, know more some tips of applying concealer.

Some more tips and precautions for applying concealer –

Along with knowing how to apply concealer, it is also important to take care of other things related to it, such as –

  • Try to always apply the concealer in sunlight. It will know how much concealer is needed.
  • Instead of putting the point of the concealer under the eyes, make triangles (as described in the method of applying the concealer). Applying in this way makes it easy to spread and absorb into the skin.
  • If desired, you can apply a little concealer before applying eyeshadow. This will help the eyeshadow to last longer.
  • Concealer can be used on lips after lip balm instead of lip primer. This will keep lipstick from spreading and help it last longer.
  • After applying the concealer, always pat it and blend.
  • If there is a crease in the concealer due to sweat, then pat it with a tissue and blend it.
  • Always choose the concealer according to your skin and problem.
  • Never use a local concealer. Always use only a good and reliable brand product.

Now you must have understood well that by using which type of concealer you can make your makeup effective. If you have not used the concealer before today, you can apply the concealer in the manner described in the article. Along with this, take full care of the precautions given. Hope this article is beneficial for you.