Homemade natural lip balm, lips remain soft and pink…


Homemade natural lip balm

A lip balm is a beauty product that every girl holds with herself at all times. Lip balm provides moisture to your lips and keeps them hydrated. If lip balm is natural it also gives pink shade naturally with the lips softening. A present little color in the lip balm will provide light shade and shine for your lips. Regular use of lip balm will keep your lips healthy and protect them from drying. But it may be that you are using lip balm, which is full of artificial colors and chemicals in the market. The use of these lip balm can cause more harm than good. To keep your lips away from any kind of damage, you should make your own lip balm. A homemade natural lip balm will provide you all the benefits and will not have any side effects. Read on to learn the easiest way to make your own lip balm.

Method of homemade natural lip balm

First method


Beeswax or petroleum jelly
Coconut oil
Rose essential oil
A small container

Method- Melt a few drops of one tablespoon wax or petroleum jelly and coconut oil. Do not make them too much warm and when the temperature is normal, now pour two or three drops of rose essential oil. Mix it well and put the mixture in a small container. Allow the mixture to be set for some time and use it after it is completely cold.

Second way


Mint essential oil or lavender oil or raw honey
Food color or shadow of eyes for color
Coconut oil
Small container

Method- First, heat wax and peppermint oil in a vessel and let them melted and blend properly. Do not overheat the mixture too much. You can also use petroleum jelly instead of wax. Once the wax and oil arrive at a normal temperature then in it color of the food is mix up. You can sprinkle your favorite eye shadow instead of food color. Now mix them well. Now add some drops of essential oils in the mixture. Put the mixture in a small container and place it inside the refrigerator. After a few hours, your lip balm is ready to use.

Third way


Wax or petroleum jelly
Cocoa butter
Sweet almond oil
Small container

Method- Take one big spoon beetroot or petroleum jelly, half spoon cocoa butter and 4 spoons sweet almond oil and heat them on medium flame. Once the wax melts, remove it from the flame and mix one teaspoon of honey for taste. Now to mix all the ingredients again, heat the mixture for a while. Later, add some drops of essential oils. Put solution in a container and let it cool down.