Home remedy for irregular periods…

Periods for women are natural processes every month, which last for 4 to 5 days. But for some women it is annoying a few days every month. In addition to having mood swings during this period most women complain of acute abdominal pain. Many times the pain increases so much that it is to get the support of Painkiller. But it can be harmful to women’s health. In such a situation, avoid this problem you can take help of home remedy for irregular periods. A mixture of green onions and honey can help you relieve the acute pain of periods, let’s learn home remedy for irregular periods.

Let’s know home remedy for irregular periods

Green onion for the pain of periods

Green onions, which are eaten as a salad with food, are very good for our health. Sandwich, salad or lick, onion doubles the taste of everyone. But do you know that it is also very helpful in removing the pain in the periods. Vitamins K present in green onion helps in eliminating heavy bleeding and pain in the periods, naturally.

Honey for the pain of periods

Works as a thick sweet liquid strong oxidizing agent. It effectively removes the pain by adding oxygen to your blood. You can use honey to remove any kind of pain that is causing trouble in the egg during periods. But keep in mind that acute pain can be fatal, so it is better to treat the pain in the early stages. It works as a natural ointment, by stabilizing your blood pressure. Honey is one of the effective treatments for pain in periods.

The magic of honey and green onion for the pain of periods

Green onion and honey are best home remedy for irregular periods, but if these two are taken together then think it will not be less than a miracle. The combination of these two turns out to be a miracle to remove pain in the periods. It relaxes the uterus muscles by increasing blood flow. To remove the pain take a white portion of the green onion grate it and take out its juice. Then take one spoon of this juice and add one spoon of honey in it. Take it 3-4 times a day with the lukewarm water in the days of that period i.e. those five days. You will get instant relief.

If your pain is not going away from these home remedy for irregular periods then consult your doctor to find the right cause for pain.