Health benefits of mustard…

Mustard oil is antibacterial. Mustard oil and granules are a part of Indian cuisines for centuries. Also its leaves are also very beneficial. Mustard oil is also used for massage, its massage increases blood circulation, Muscles are developed and strengthened. Children are also massaged with mustard oil. This improves the skin’s texture. We tell you about the medicinal properties of nutritious and versatile mustard in the food.

Useful for hair

In the mustard oil, fatty acids called oleic and linoleic acid are found, which are very beneficial for hair. It gives hair roots to nutrition. By using this oil in the hair for two days a week hair loss decreases.

Beneficial for skin

Mustard contains the properties of allyl isothiocyanate. Which works as the best treatment for skin disorders. It also prevents fungus from growing in any part of the body.

Strengthens disease immunity

Due to its hot tendency, the use of mustard is very beneficial in winter. It strengthens the body’s immune system. Mustard also gives warmth to the body, if it is eaten in winter, it does not seem cold.

Remove colds and grief

Grinding of mustard seeds and licking with honey ends cough and cough. Apart from this, it also gives great benefit to colds, grief, headache and body pain.

Increase working capacity

Mustard oil is also used as a tonic. Using it removes body weakness and increases efficiency. If you have weakness in your body then include mustard in your diet.

Increase hunger

Lack of appetite brings weakness in the body. Mustard oil should be used to remove weakness and to increase appetite. Because this oil enhances digestion capacity in the body by increasing appetite. If you also feel less hungry, start making your food in mustard oil.

Relief from wrinkles

Mustard oil contains Vitamin E. Which is very beneficial for the skin. Applying it on the skin protects against sun’s ultraviolet rays. Mustard oil provides relief to the woof and wrinkles.

Skin nutrition

Applying mustard oil on the skin nourishes the skin and the skin becomes moist. Therefore, people whose skin is dry-dry, They should take a bath with water after putting oil in their hands and feet.

Beneficial in arthritis

Massage of mustard oil also cures rheumatism and joint pain. Massage will be beneficial if you mix camphor with mustard oil in arthritis. Along with this, it is beneficial to use it in any other type of pain.

Beneficial in pyria

Mustard seeds are also very beneficial for patients with pyria. Mixing the powdered rock salt with mustard oil, daily brushing of teeth moving teeth and bleeding from the gums stops. The teeth become clean and strong.